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Nobunaga the Fool midway impression


Thought I knew a proverb that would match up with this episode.

If man has no tea in him,
he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty.

*thanks QI elves* 


More robots have been added to there fleet and now the only thing left to do is decide what will theses characters do with this newly obtained power? Get destroyed by another Kingdom of Course! I know that this anime is loosely based around history but, this is a great way of showing that even if one has all the power in the world they still need to know how to use/direct it (a war can’t be won by one person alone).


This has to be one of my favorite anime’s of the winter season just thanks to its atmosphere and interesting characters. There are very little shows that can keep me moderately interested in most of the characters without forcing over the top garbage/drama down my thought.

e.g This person might be a jerk but, their parents were eaten by dragon ducks.

Toughing a bag of nasty onto your characters is not the correct way to get your audience to bond with them.

*what did them poor people do to you, did they get pet ducks? *


Before I lose track of my thought again I will wrap this up.  *dragon licking good.*

I would like to see how they are going to expand on the two different worlds accept and will they manage to keep the characters likable during the second half of this show (many anime’s dive-bomb when it comes to 2nd half’s).

T_T I need some tea.



T-o not as many blocked

I was going to add this onto yesterdays post but I had a hard time finding it. 

Imageo-o we only have about 5 animes that are not airing in to the uk. I will be happy as long as we don’t get half of the stream blocked off.

*It has happened (we were not amused). *

T_o I will get back into my anime tomorrow. *bad dreams/bad thoughts. in short: you don’t want to be in my head at the moment. *


what can I watch?

^_^ what is crunchy offering me this season.


inugami-san to nekoyama-san

kamigami no asobi

blade and soul 

la corda d’oro -blue sky-

the world is still beautiful 

love live 

the file of young kindaichi returns 

captain earth

rowdy sumo wrestler matsutaro


baby steps

brynhilder in the darkness

oreca battle  

dragon collection 

the comic artist and assistant 

 black bullet

hero bank

magica wars

no game no life

kanojo ga flag wo oraretara (if her flag breaks)

chaika-the coffin princess-

dai-shogun-great revolution

is the order a rabbit?

 nanana’s buried treasure 



more to come.


o-O that’s a lot!


I still am struggling to beat Autumn(my computer doesn’t like anime from Autumn) however, I have almost defeated winter.

Wizard Barristers ending (reaction)


I guess we are just meant to accept that Lucifer likes being a flamboyant woman (how often can I say that?). How did he get that body to begin with?

Every time someone tries to summon the devil I will ask this:

Would god take commands from a human/anything?

Answer: no (disobey god and you will get eaten by a big fish or worse).

What makes you think the devil would be more reasonable?

*You can’t trust the devil Sunday school 101.*


It really fails at making any of the court cases interesting and worse most cases will make anger thanks to the anime’s annoyingly stupid logic. You need proof barrister but, the guy on trial can say anything he wants and we will believe him.

There are so many moment’s that just got under my skin e.g. “I couldn’t tell you what happened to your mother.” She is working on saving her, don’t you think she should know?  now you will be done for holding back important evidence from the police (last time I checked that was a criminal offence).
It’s the police’s job to get information out their prisoners, not there defendants (you just get given the information on the person).

This case would have gone a lot better if someone had recorded his confession.

p.s. ^_^ episode 11: your computer is not frozen or glitching (Did they run out of money for that episode?).

GIRLS und PANZER (first impression)

Image*My last first impression was January 25 2014 (the down side of watching seasons) *

There are many anime on my list that I would be a lot more willing to watch if I could have a friend by my side.  To me there is nothing more fun than being able to share a good laugh with whoever happens to join you.

*Tales of earthsea*  Me and my mother:  “That’s a man!”

T_T At least she only had to sit though the ending of that slow film.

we need more anime films on TV (i watched Tales of earthsea subbed on tv). 

Back on topic 

 This is oddly a well written moe show (has the world gone mad). When I started watching this show I was expecting cute ditsy girls  trying to work huge manly machines as everyone hung out drinking tea and playing games….I was wrong.

Underneath that cute poster is a funny/quirky show that managed to keep me entertained from start to finish.  The character are not much to write home about however, you have to love how each one of the girls interact while operating these huge machines.

*“kick me as hard as you can!”*

As long as we spend most or are time in the tanks this show could actual be very entertaining.


p.s. The only reason i’m watching this is because my friend has has the dub track at his (the last anime I watched with DB was sword art online).



This is why I prefer to watch my anime with other people (banter is fun). 


DB: *pause anime and rewinds* “spot what’s wrong with this scene”


Anime: “It looks like the armor and threads are just fine.”


Lea: “I don’t see it”

DB: “There are no treads on that side of the tank”


on closer inspection there is a box with what looks to be  treads in it however,  there is no way she could know they were fine without looking inside the box.


Anime: “we are using live ammo but, we are shooting each other in a safe way”

*DB pause the anime and places his head upon his lap in order to hold back the laughter*

Lea: “we might be using live deadly ammo but, we are using it responsibly” ^_^

*Even I could not help laughing*

DB: I can’t even dismiss that as anime logic.

T_o soooo! there seems to be a lot fog around.

^_^ This news story is actual interesting because you would think people would be worried that they are currently drowning in radiation (unnatural chemicals). but nope, there complaining about a natural sand storm that mix with are fog.

definition pollution: The presence in or introduction into the environment of a substance which has harmful or poisonous effects.

Cameron “a naturally occurring weather phenomenon”.


o-O I dislike Cameron but in this instance he is right.
The radiation/contaminants drifted along with the storm (that has happen before).
How can you ask a government to pull down radiation/contaminants when it’s not even coming from our island.
A huge sand storm happens in the Sahara desert and drifted into are area. There is sand in the air/fog and it’s are governments fault? What do you want them to do about it, develop magical druid powers “you shall not enter dust storm”.

^_^ I need to have a little rant.

The Pilot’s Love Song ending (reaction)

ImageI have some questions:

Why was there a war? O-o the end of the world must be a holy land to them.

If there world is an asteroid (no core) how can gravity exists? I saw an island floating on an island, question invalid.  *I will let this fall under anime logic.*

Does that mean the floating island could be on another floating island that is being carried around space on the back of a giant turtle (it boggles the mind).

finally, what was the point of bringing that island in the fist place?  o-o I honestly have no answer for this one. *I was confused about it from start too finish.*


The one episode that I really enjoyed from this show was heavily abused, which is very sad because as a singular story it was very strong and emotional.

By the end of this show I felt that everyone needed wrist bands saying: “what would Mitty do.”

side note: punches to the stomach are not cute (you could have coursed him internal damage/it could have killed him). *I’m amazed that no one gave her a good slap across the face.*


^-0 Here are two screen shots that made me laugh.


^_^ The grass is moving faster then he is.

*It doesn’t  even look like its touching the ground (floating grass).*


T_o I have become very good at spotting errors thanks to magical warfare.

Morrisons pop can scam

The 8 packs of can was £2 and now it’s £4 (330ml)


15 cans (250ml) is also £4

How does that work?

I asked an employee and he said “the tins are smaller in the 15 pack”

It still smelled fishy to me so I went home and did the math.




*1110 ml difference*

T_o I knew it did not add up.


In short, if you buy 8 cans you are also buying 3 invisible cans.

8 pack 50p per can

15 pack 27p per can

330 ml 50p

250ml 27p


8 pack can

100% 330ml 50p

50% 165ml 25p

10% 33ml 5p

198ml 30p


8 pack can  198ml 30p

15 pack can 250ml 27p


If a 15 pack cost £4

the 8 pack should not also cost £4.


in short: buy 2  litre bottles 

2 liter bottle = £1

4 bottles = £4 = 8000ml

15  can’s (250ml) = 3750ml