update 1/05/2014

Been watching war of worlds.

Is it possible get yourself in an anime mood after listening to that music. 

 I’m trying as hard as possible to fight this dark mist that has been taking over my mind.

I don’t want it to win, i must continue to find the will to move.

once you let that mist eat you there is no going back.

*I live in a box room*

*sigh* going to the city with a friend soon, that should raise my spirits. ^-^

I might need to consider halting my anime for a week and just do some drawing.

I need to find a second job before I can even consider looking for my own home.

*I shall be happy that there is a roof over my head till then.*

 XD I pay for my box.

I don’t like leaving this room anyway (big house but I can’t live in it)

Guess that’s just the curse of having a sister with a 3 year old boy (she has more right to live here).

 It doesn’t help that loud noises are painful to me. I think the little boy has caught on to that now and enjoys shouting when i’m in the room.

wish I could talk to my mother outside of work.

^_^ This music really perks you up.

I will never be defeated by the darkness, for I have people who care about me and I should never forget that.

O_O That and I really enjoy maintaining this blog.


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