Black Bullet (first impression)


O_o normally, the gastrea virus is only spread among humans through bodily fluids…

But there are very rare cases in which the gastrea virus enters the mouth of a pregnant woman, infecting the offspring…

They are the cursed children.

All of them born girls.

Their eyes are red, and the gastrea virus is rooted deep within their bodies.

Because of the inhibiting factors within their bodies, the virus corrosion is very slow, but there are quite a few who refuse to accept that those children are human.

This episode is so wordy! O_O

“Peace is being maintained here thanks to those girls who inherited gastrea’s regenerative and physical abilities.”

in short, the people who refuse to believe that these children are not human are just being judgmentally jerks.

 bodily fluids

T-o first thing that pops into mind: urine and feces.

*That is why the next line cracked me up*

“gastrea virus enters the mouth of a pregnant woman”

“All of them born girls.

Their eyes are red, and the gastrea virus is rooted deep within their bodies.”

*This is starting to sound like elfen lied.*


I’m going to need more time in order to understand what I just watched (they give you way too much information).

We go from a huge fight with blood and killer spiders too an annoying child beating up are main character up because…..I don’t know (who find that funny/cute). what do you want me to feel show

This is a very poor episode because it fails to set up anything, the paragraph above was not told to us until the very end of the episode (the credits were on screen).

You spend the entire episode just trying to understand what you’re watching. O_O



 Why did the fence explode? O_O she shrinks and hits it directly with her feet (was the hit really that strong). she is clearly learning down to her lower left, why is the pressure of her in-packed on the upper left? you would think it would in front, center or even behind her.


 1. the post are too big.

2. the fence was clearly wider the that.

3. she hit the wall from the left, why is it more destroyed to the right?

3. why did the rubble fall in front of the destroyed fence?


sooooooo… tall is she? all 3 of these images would give you completely different measurements.



2 responses

  1. I can think of another bodily fluid that could end up in a woman’s mouth… they let kids watch this kind of thing???

    1. what ells could they be referring to. ^_^

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