Nagi no Asukara midway impression

ImageKnow a lot of people love this and I can see why but, I honestly dislike the pacing of this show.

During these last couple of episodes I was just scratching my head wondering where a lot of these sporadic romances came from (Were you not in love with so-in-so, why are you now interested in this other guy).


One of my biggest problems with this anime is that I really dislike Hikari!  No matter what he does I will never like him as a character, which is why I will not give a toss if anything bad happens to him.  Think of it this way: Hikari is now friends with the land people and still refuses to ware there school uniform.  *argent jerk.*

*Even when he goes to live on land he still refuse to ware there uniform.*

It nice to know all them episode devoted to making this wooden doll really paid off, wait a minute…..No they didn’t! Why go through so many episodes just to say “I lied to you” or “I’ll be the sacrifice”.  *I feel like have wasted my time.*

*sigh* then again I did say in my 25% review that this show loves to wonder around with no real plot/story. Guess I feel really annoyed because the hibernation thing just came off as an excuse to hammer in drama. *just kept say this to myself: “stop talking like you’re in a play”*


I know they need the drama to flow however, you can’t follow a confession of love with a dramatic conversation with ones parents (when you separate the two conversation suddenly the families reactions becomes funny/over-the-top).  *One of them moment’s when you say: “This would be friggin hilarious in English.”*

I do hope that the second half of this show tries to focus on something (not crying and moping).

O_O my last impression of this was in December (need to get my butt into gear).



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