Magical Warfare Episode 6 impression

ImageIt has been a long time since I watched this show can I honestly review it as detailed as my other log entries.

*30 seconds later*

O_O sure can!

I have some question about that bullet: 1. where and did that bullet come from? 2. How was that bullet crated? 3. Why wasn’t this type of disabling magic used in the last couple of episodes?

Oh no the anime is turning into super paper Mario, hide all your pure harts.

I’m distracted by the sad looking guy with pigtails in the background (did he loose a bet). *1 minute in*


T-o why did they teleport a car? If you can teleport why own a car?

You would think there would be magical laws prohibiting magic that would alter your hostages memorise.

Why are the villains in the sky for this prisoner exchange? seems like a waste of magic if you ask me.

XD The animators forgot to close Momoka’s mouth (she looks so gormless).  *About 5 minutes in*

I think we have winner for the most unenthusiastic power summon in anime.


All that flash just to fail…T_o let’s review what happened

  • They summoned a giant key from a rainbow portal
  • it needed two guys to spinning it around in order to turn it
  • at giant door opened consuming the entire ground
  • it failed to capture that girl’s brother

Why did the enemy wait till the last second to run away from this overly complex move?

If they can fly why use the magical platforms?

We wish to temporally delay your anime for this still frame of traffic.

Why is there a magic war? This guy can melt his enemies!


How did she cut her arm? I re-watched that battle frame by frame and I still can’t find a single moment where that could have happened (must have coursed it herself).   T-o I guess she must have magical healing powers because that open flesh wound on her arm has miraculously healed.

Wait! It’s back (inconsistent animators).

Is that the door from earlier? Why can she open it without using the giant key?

where did them other flesh wounds come from?  XD they’re gone again (it’s a close up shot this time).

How did he escape from a portal door?????

“You can create doors to real places”

In contrast to doors that lead you to nowhere??? *This line perplexes me.*


Oh, so it’s his magic creating the wounds. T-o so his move has very little to do with looking at his victims (it’s basically the perish song).

Wow! The guy just got squished by a car and the anime didn’t even acknowledge it (that’s dark).

You’re not a comedy anime!

Anime: where a couple of bandage will cure your melted organs.

Blocking his magic has opened up his memories???

How long were they standing at that door?

T-o I only have 2 things to say about that ending.

  1. How did you not die?
  2. You exploded their lungs (Dark!)

One response

  1. I like the funny review you gave this anime. This is so interesting, I wish I could watch it! (like I do with most manga, anyway) But seriously, I wanna watch this now.

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