problem O_O 19/05/2014

I was going to give my impression on No Game No Life however, it turns out that I have not watched episode 5 yet (I put that down to my “little problem” on Sunday).

*I don’t really have time to watch more then 1 episode when I get home from work.* 

I have managed to convince DB to help me write that movie review (thank goodness).


XD picross 4 is coming soon.

3ds: play time

picross:  36 hours 57 min

picross 2: 118 hours 33 min

picross 3: 30 hours 1 min

that’s 185 hours 31 min of picross.



2 responses

  1. One hundred and eighty hours? Wow I have never played any games for that long. How many episodes of No Game No Life would fit into 185 hours? My math sucks 🙂

    1. 185 hours is about 465 episodes ^_^

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