No Game No Life midway impression

ImageO_O episode 6 got extremely uncomfortably really fast.

Atomic theory! T_T I’m sure they could have easily simplified that line (been spending my time trying to understand how atoms work).

I give up! This anime has gone so far up its backside that I just don’t know what its talking about any more.

When you hear a name like No Game No Life you would expect sword battles, death or even plan old action  (if you go in with this mind set you’re in for a shock).  This show likes to get your attention with existing card games and chess! *sigh* The 1st episode made it out to be a much more active world (who want to watch a show about chess).

*no rules baby*

For the most part the plot has not moved…neither has the story…how long is this anime? *12 episode* I would expect this from a 24 episode anime but not a 12 O-o. I can really see the second half of this show becoming a huge mess.  

Another problem that I have with this anime is that the main character are too good at games! I never feel exited or frilled during a match because I automatically know who will win every round. It’s like playing Pokémon with level 100’s from the start (if there was no challenge you would lose interest).

Think I’m just going to watch this show for its action in the future (it looks so pretty).


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