Log Horizon midway impression


I never understood why young children were allowed to sign up to a game where you live chat with hundreds of grown adults (just seems like you’re asking for trouble).  I also find it odd that we don’t really see any high leveled child players in this game?  Are main character apparently leveled up to max without group help (makes you wonder why he was still playing the game).

This show consists of talking….and talking….explaining talking, if you can’t tell there is a lot of talking in this anime. You would think they balance out the talking with something visual interest but nope, we have sit down and listen to a group of people talking about world politics round a table (is there anything more exciting).

The show likes to dump out game moves and groups almost every episode, there no way of remembering it all without writing it down. ^-o thanks to the two new members of log Horizon we now have an excuse for the boat load of game exposition (The main character used to announce it every episode). He used to confuse me when he started talking about game mechanics because he talks as if he is directing it towards someone…in his head.

*I just realised that the guy covered in armour has a belly button….how and why?*

The show does have its fair amount of action/ daft moments, it’s only hindered by the fact that it won’t shut up (not every moment needs explaining).


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  1. Lots of talking in an online world? Sounds a bit like .hack, which bored me to tears,

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