tamako market first impression


Tamako is a young girl that lives with her father who owns a mochi shop that is in rivalry with another mocha shop across the street (that was a lot hard to say then you think).  The rival mochi shop has a son that I think is going to be a romantic love interest at some point in this anime however, seeing as this is a moe based show I highly doubt he will ever brake though her dense head.

I never understood why some show moe shows feel like they need a plot (it’s just poor excuse for dramatic ending).   *There is a difference between a plot and a story*

There is nothing wrong with the show but…..I do think this first episode is very cluttered.  O_O I would love to talk more about this anime but there is just so little substance. They try and make it look like something is going on (hence the clutter) but underneath all that show none of it has any impact on the characters.

I don’t need 10 episode of Tamako moping about people forgetting her birthday, but I do expect something!
Guy: it’s Tamako’s birthday and I forgot to give her a gift.
*That came out of nowhere*
Tamako: I’m sad (she didn’t bring up until the final part of the episode)
*5 seconds latter *
Tamako: yay! I have birthday texts
*what was the point in that?*

If you are going to have a story in any show you need a beginning, middle and end.


2 responses

  1. The Otaku Judge | Reply

    Romeo and Juliet with Mochi shops?

    1. XD The show would have to be cleaver in order to do that.

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