Princess jellyfish midway impression

ImageThat little narrating jellyfish is really getting on my nerves.

So are mighty transvestite has managed to gain the trust of the other girls who live in the dorm (Poor girls turn to stone so easily). There was a lot of trial and error but he has managed to give them more confidence and even more amazing, makeovers!

His brother might look scary but I honestly wanted to cry after that woman made him think they did the deed. The poor guy is a virgin because of a traumatic experience that happened when he was little, the fact he is attracted Tsukimi is amazing.

Tsukimi name sound like Zucchini in the dub *shrugs*.

“Did you name me after a jellyfish?” XD I thought you were named after a vegetable.

I hope this anime dose not ruin itself by having a dreadful second half (many anime that had good starts have destroyed themselves trying to make dramatic/over the top endings).


 I’m a rush to finish Princess jellyfish and Tamako market because I only have the  ps3 for the this week only (I also have the big TV too myself).

 I’m having to write things down by hand (no need to have the computer on if i’m watching TV). 

*This is my farther computer*

This computer likes to glitch A LOT! The screen also has a loose plug (I’ts going to shock me if i’m not careful).



4 responses

  1. lovely lonely lily | Reply

    Oh my gosh, Jellyfish Princess is freaking amazing!!

    1. It actually caught way off guard. ^_^

      I wish that there was a wider range of Josei anime available (there are too many seinen’s).

  2. I have the Princess Jellyfish DVD. It came with a cuddly Jellyfish.

    1. ^-^ I would love a little Clara.

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