update 30/05/2014

The tamako market ending reaction is going be posted Saturday because my body decided to hate me (need to eat better).

^_^ apparently I made one girl somewhere very happy!

There was a woman who was desperately looking for a spike doll (my little pony) because it’s her daughters favorite character.

shop owner: do you know the name of that dragon?

me: it’s spike *blushes* I shouldn’t know that!

shop owner: it’s ok! she was just wondering where to buy a plush version?

me: you can get them at build a bear  *blushes* I shouldn’t know that!

The information was successfully passed on, which means a little girl somewhere will get to cuddle up with her favorite dragon.

^-^ I guess even pointless knowledge can be occasionally helpful.


One response

  1. Who knew that knowledge of MLP could be used to perform good deeds.

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