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update 21/05/2014 layout

XD I did it! I have finally figured out how to make my lower menu links more noticeable .

*it’s a very small/clutters menu*

Image you know its getting bad when I struggle to find the right links on my own menu.  

p.s i’m now on twitter. ^-o 

*looking back at old post.*  O_O I like to think my writing skills have improved (so many errors).

*A year ago I had a personal hatred for full-stops (I read a bad book).*



No Game No Life midway impression

ImageO_O episode 6 got extremely uncomfortably really fast.

Atomic theory! T_T I’m sure they could have easily simplified that line (been spending my time trying to understand how atoms work).

I give up! This anime has gone so far up its backside that I just don’t know what its talking about any more.

When you hear a name like No Game No Life you would expect sword battles, death or even plan old action  (if you go in with this mind set you’re in for a shock).  This show likes to get your attention with existing card games and chess! *sigh* The 1st episode made it out to be a much more active world (who want to watch a show about chess).

*no rules baby*

For the most part the plot has not moved…neither has the story…how long is this anime? *12 episode* I would expect this from a 24 episode anime but not a 12 O-o. I can really see the second half of this show becoming a huge mess.  

Another problem that I have with this anime is that the main character are too good at games! I never feel exited or frilled during a match because I automatically know who will win every round. It’s like playing Pokémon with level 100’s from the start (if there was no challenge you would lose interest).

Think I’m just going to watch this show for its action in the future (it looks so pretty).

problem O_O 19/05/2014

I was going to give my impression on No Game No Life however, it turns out that I have not watched episode 5 yet (I put that down to my “little problem” on Sunday).

*I don’t really have time to watch more then 1 episode when I get home from work.* 

I have managed to convince DB to help me write that movie review (thank goodness).


XD picross 4 is coming soon.

3ds: play time

picross:  36 hours 57 min

picross 2: 118 hours 33 min

picross 3: 30 hours 1 min

that’s 185 hours 31 min of picross.


Witch Craft Works ending (reaction)

ImageI love that puppet. ^_^ *we need more ventriloquists in anime.*

^_^ this was one of the funniest magical anime that I have seen in a long time. Thanks to anime like sailor moon and madoka we have seriously lost touch with what magical girls originally were, this is a big problem because it creating shows where the writers forget that the characters are still children (kids like to goof about).

I loved seeing young villains goof off, I loved seeing are main character struggle to learn his powers and most of all I liked the fact he did not change character/personality just to fit the drama of the scene.  It was a goofy show from begging to end and I would not want it any other way.

*How many magical boys do you see in anime? *

I would gladly recommend it to any first time anime fans (there is no in your face fan-service).

Magical Warfare Episode 6 impression

ImageIt has been a long time since I watched this show can I honestly review it as detailed as my other log entries.

*30 seconds later*

O_O sure can!

I have some question about that bullet: 1. where and did that bullet come from? 2. How was that bullet crated? 3. Why wasn’t this type of disabling magic used in the last couple of episodes?

Oh no the anime is turning into super paper Mario, hide all your pure harts.

I’m distracted by the sad looking guy with pigtails in the background (did he loose a bet). *1 minute in*


T-o why did they teleport a car? If you can teleport why own a car?

You would think there would be magical laws prohibiting magic that would alter your hostages memorise.

Why are the villains in the sky for this prisoner exchange? seems like a waste of magic if you ask me.

XD The animators forgot to close Momoka’s mouth (she looks so gormless).  *About 5 minutes in*

I think we have winner for the most unenthusiastic power summon in anime.


All that flash just to fail…T_o let’s review what happened

  • They summoned a giant key from a rainbow portal
  • it needed two guys to spinning it around in order to turn it
  • at giant door opened consuming the entire ground
  • it failed to capture that girl’s brother

Why did the enemy wait till the last second to run away from this overly complex move?

If they can fly why use the magical platforms?

We wish to temporally delay your anime for this still frame of traffic.

Why is there a magic war? This guy can melt his enemies!


How did she cut her arm? I re-watched that battle frame by frame and I still can’t find a single moment where that could have happened (must have coursed it herself).   T-o I guess she must have magical healing powers because that open flesh wound on her arm has miraculously healed.

Wait! It’s back (inconsistent animators).

Is that the door from earlier? Why can she open it without using the giant key?

where did them other flesh wounds come from?  XD they’re gone again (it’s a close up shot this time).

How did he escape from a portal door?????

“You can create doors to real places”

In contrast to doors that lead you to nowhere??? *This line perplexes me.*


Oh, so it’s his magic creating the wounds. T-o so his move has very little to do with looking at his victims (it’s basically the perish song).

Wow! The guy just got squished by a car and the anime didn’t even acknowledge it (that’s dark).

You’re not a comedy anime!

Anime: where a couple of bandage will cure your melted organs.

Blocking his magic has opened up his memories???

How long were they standing at that door?

T-o I only have 2 things to say about that ending.

  1. How did you not die?
  2. You exploded their lungs (Dark!)

update the wind rises

^-o got my notes (I just need DB to help me organize them).

spent most of my time today just trying to collect all of my thoughts (I did not even want to watch any other anime or films just in case I forgot).

Things will be back to normal Saturday.

I really do need to make to watch list.*I love being organised with my time.*

capture611XD I have a list now (family is going on holiday soon so I will be able to get up in the morning).

just got back

Went to see the wind rises today……it was interesting???

seeing as this was a movie i’m going to need more time to collect my thoughts.

*I don’t really agree with the news paper reviews*

O_O They sure love there smoking in this film (one puff and they put it out). 


^_^ good news 

I finally found an update ty twilight doll (fixed horn and wings) it would be hard to sell the entire group together without the main character (I will sell my old twilight when there rarity goes up).


update 14/05/2014

^-^ Tomorrow I can talk about The Wind Rises however, today I can only talk about museums and art philosophy.

I’m sure my contextual studies tutor would be proud of the fact that I remembered the history behind a particular painting (only because it’s a funny piece of information).

*I love the study of art more than the creation.*

Guess that’s why I prefer to studying the emotional manipulation that can be achieved with manga/anime characters then the idea of just drawing them.

Yet my chibi’s always look pessimistic/creepy (its wrong yet, it feels so natural).

^-o ones surroundings can heavily influence there  drawing habits.


Nagi no Asukara midway impression

ImageKnow a lot of people love this and I can see why but, I honestly dislike the pacing of this show.

During these last couple of episodes I was just scratching my head wondering where a lot of these sporadic romances came from (Were you not in love with so-in-so, why are you now interested in this other guy).


One of my biggest problems with this anime is that I really dislike Hikari!  No matter what he does I will never like him as a character, which is why I will not give a toss if anything bad happens to him.  Think of it this way: Hikari is now friends with the land people and still refuses to ware there school uniform.  *argent jerk.*

*Even when he goes to live on land he still refuse to ware there uniform.*

It nice to know all them episode devoted to making this wooden doll really paid off, wait a minute…..No they didn’t! Why go through so many episodes just to say “I lied to you” or “I’ll be the sacrifice”.  *I feel like have wasted my time.*

*sigh* then again I did say in my 25% review that this show loves to wonder around with no real plot/story. Guess I feel really annoyed because the hibernation thing just came off as an excuse to hammer in drama. *just kept say this to myself: “stop talking like you’re in a play”*


I know they need the drama to flow however, you can’t follow a confession of love with a dramatic conversation with ones parents (when you separate the two conversation suddenly the families reactions becomes funny/over-the-top).  *One of them moment’s when you say: “This would be friggin hilarious in English.”*

I do hope that the second half of this show tries to focus on something (not crying and moping).

O_O my last impression of this was in December (need to get my butt into gear).


^_^ I’m back!

I don’t feel as consumed however, I have been told I have been shouting and being rude to people??? I have no recollection of talking to these people or even yelling. My only explanation is that my mind has been releasing stress without my permission (I have been in a deep denial of my own emotions).  

O_O I’m starting to wonder if I have Dissociative identity disorder.

I’m going to try and watch some anime and maybe even review a manga this week (if my head will let me). I might even get back into writing short stories.

Going to the museum/galley on Wednesday and I will be “hopefully” going to the cinema of Thursday to see The Wind Rises.

I will always post something. ^_o