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Nobunaga the Fool 75% impression


We got past the half-way point, now what do I think of this show? T_T it’s ok.

Since we got into the war between the two planets the show has lost its original charm, which is sad because I was really fascinated in how the kingdom world worked.


Jeanne change her clothes…..don’t ask when she did that (she just started wearing western armor one day).

That happens a lot in this second half “things happen” (I call it plot convenience).

It’s just action from this point with very little story/character interaction sprinkled throughout.


 “Look at all the people dyeing!” T_T  *yorn*

“We killed a partially main character.” Yet I’m still bored.

knew I would lose all interest when they started to introduce the western world into the story.

Magical Warfare Episode 8 impression


 I will defeat you magical warfare.

We have never seen children in this anime until this point.

*you would think we would see one in the corridor once in a while.*

So there building is an elementary, junior and a high school….o-o where are they keeping all these children?

Where do these magical families live? I thought there was supposed to be a huge destructive war going on in there world?  Do they even come from there world?  Why is there a war going on in that dimension holds no value?

Little sister?????? What?


 Past the opening

Oh, its Kazumi’s sister…..waits a second! O_O if she has magical powers (which she must in order to get into this school) that means at some point he must have attacked her with magic.

Kazumi: “I raised her myself” T_T I have many questions:

Was she fending for life while you were at school for almost a year?

Why did he never bring her up in normal conversation?

Why bring your 6 year old sister into a world where you have almost died on multiple occasions?

Oh, so that’s how she got her magic….wait a second!  When did this conversation take place?  I thought they were not allowed to leave the school unless it was a holiday.

Almost accidentally Murdering someone always leaves the victim feeling a little embarrassed.

Kurumi: “Why are you here?”  USE YOUR BRAIN!

The better question would be: How did you get here?

You never expected that he would have a bath???


That bath water is very high. *Three times as many Japanese people die in bathtubs as in car crashes (thanks QI).*

O_O his brother has no refection (he’s a vampire).

You were hit by a car yet, your wound is more similar to the deep slash of a blade.

T_T don’t apologise, you were right about your brother playing with Kurumi’s emotion during a great time of stress.

How do year groups work in this school?


Dose Tsuganashi want to romance his sister? Why ells would he give her chocolates and then say if his was better than Takeshi’s.

T-o I really dislike Takeshi.

“Make you brother more like you” ^_^ I love how much respect he has for his brother as an independent human being.

I sure hope he does not use that bad dream in order to be a jerk to his brother.

Did Takeshi leave is window open or do these windows open from the outside?

Why are the curtains moving on the other window?  (The other window is clearly shut).

I thought they shared rooms? O-o it’s not a very good place to have a long conversation (must be cold with that window open).


I’m just going to presume that the parents of the children enrolling where never threatened with death if they didn’t join a club.

I don’t think the argument of “we kill less people” really helps when you’re trying to argue why your path is the correct way.

^_^ it’s a destructive rave party *woop woop*.

Why did his mother dump her weapon in the schools basement?

Really, no one can hear him yelling.

Don’t play the was it a dream rubbish. why try and fake us out if you’re just going to say it happened.


I have seen many shows that have powerful characters awakening from prisons however, I have never seen a powerful character sleeping in a bed at the bad guys house (that set up sound like it should belong in a magical comedy).

This episode was not a nearly as last one.

not well T_T

sore throat, painful headaches and a lack of energy.

I can barely stay awake (thank you lucozade).

^-^ DB’s commentary over the first episode of game of thrones did cheer me up.

*some guys walking though a cave*

DB: “roll a 20 to proceed.”

“The guy yelled at his men to get back onto there horses however, they are walking in the next scene.”

*box of dragon eggs*

“called it!”

I didn’t mind this first episode.

Update 27/06/2014 ^-o to watch list

I was wondering if you guy would prefer this layout for my “anime i’m watching” section?


XD I should achieved some sense of order in the coming weeks.

Here is the list of anime I have yet to watch on crunchyroll:


when I finally score 20 animes from 2014 I will watch anime from this list below. Y_Y


^_^ Animax is starting to get some good exclusive shows.

Is the Order a Rabbit? midway impression


*Shudder* T-o saw a hug pillow of one of the character before watching this anime.  Am I the only one who just sees a creepy man/woman doing disturbing things to that pillow? *shudder* I don’t want to think about it (they should be banned).

*I’m mostly referring to the one that depict vulnerable children*

Before anyone says “it’s a cultural difference” let me bring this up: Chino is in the last year of elementary school, this means that she is ether 11 or 12 years old (The Japaneses age of consent is 13).



*Disregarding the creepy undertones* This show delivers what it promised: cute Moe girls doing cute things.  These shows don’t have running plots or deep characters.

The show gives each of the characters a distinctive personality trait alongside there bight hair (which usually is the only way to distinguish them).

Part from the creepiness of the pillow there is not much to talk about with this show.

*I usually watch these shows so that I can chill out after a long week of action/story driven anime.*

Blade and Soul midway impression

CaptureThe main character was barely in this episode.

Can I come-up with a longer post for this anime then last time?


Animation: bland

Main character: T-o she might as well be a background characters because I know nothing about this person.  She is quite and wants revenge, which could be a really interesting concept if she showed emotion!  *Expression can speak louder than words.*

When you want to make a character seem emotionless you don’t give them expressive eyes/facial features (there is a fine line between having an emotionless face and just looking dozily vacant).

*This is the best way I can describe her vacant expression: Think I lift the gas on? *


The stories that surround this show are not half bad, I just wish they that they somehow connected into one story (they start in that episode and they end in that episode).

For an anime that’s supposed to make me want to buy the game it fails terribly. After watching this show you would just get the impression that the game is filled with slow story progression and characters with as much charisma as a sack of potatoes.

T_T This anime is still just a Meh.

The World is Still Beautiful midway impression


The first episode is an outlier.


I would love to recommend this anime to anyone who loves romances that can surpass the boundaries of age and regal position but……. U_U how can I word this?

The show acts like its embarrassed of itself.

You get a tender moment of the couple showing pure dedication to each other and then *sigh* you get the equivalent of a child blowing raspberries (it destroys the mood).

The fact is that both king and the princess are children. The princess might be older but you still can’t expect them to get along like too perfectly grown adults (it still gets on my nerves.)


The only other problem that I have with this show is that every problem can be solved by rain.

Person sad: rain

Show your love: rain

Bad guy: rain

^_^* I was defeated by the power of rain/wind.*

In an earlier episode she said that her power should not be used at leisure, YET! She uses it all the time in later episodes without a second thought (she sings in every episode).


This has been a good show and I really want to finish it.

^_^ ty beanies (last pony ty post)

I can finally talk about this annoying plush (camera has been acting up)

twilight ty 2014

This was the only beanies buddy that I had to find in the city!

T_T on the first day I found one for £15 (I paid £10 for the others). Luckily on the second day I found it sitting in a window for £12.

I would never recommend buying beanies online (you need to be able to look at them).

tag mlptagmlp neck

There are 3 things to look for on these beanies:

1. texture of the sewn tag.

only the original twilight, pinkypie and rainbow have a paper like tags (all ponies made in 2014 have silk tags).

2.These beanie buddies have a star on there tag.

3. The 2013 buddies seemed to have a fat necks (this was removed in the 2014 ponies).



Nobunagun ending (reaction)


What’s your problem anime?  In what other show would they make Florence Nightingale out to be murder with a wheelchair that slashes people? *I did not see that coming.*

*I had to watch this many time before I could follow what they were saying.*

Jake the ripper is injecting ladies with a killer virus…….why? O_O It doesn’t seem like the anime is going to humour me with an answer.

I have 2 problems with this out of nowhere exculpation:

1.Jake the ripper killed prostitutes who lived in the slums of London.

The laddies depicted in this anime seemed quite well-off (new clothing, freshly styled hair and well fed).

2. He would slice their necks and then proceed to remove their organs.

 In short: you would not be walking away with just a stab wound.

Writing 101: After you’ve hit your climax end the story. *The last half of this episode is just filler.*

This show failed to be entertaining because it was too busy concentrating on its destructive monster plot. Did anyone for a second think are characters were ever going to lose?  How am I supposed to see these monsters as threat when are main characters can kill them off so easily (they had a killing contest that went into the hundreds)

The show spends too much time on pointless characters that inevitably do nothing (I think we got two new characters in the last episode just so we could have a plot devise).  *T-o There was a lot of pointless stuff going on throughout the entire anime.*

It’s not bad, good or meh!

It’s average.

 *I guess an average show is a lot easier to watch then a meh show*

Chaika –The Coffin Princess first impression


Why is the dialogue so unnaturally? *light novel* Doesn’t help that the voice actors sound uninterested.

*I was not expecting that voice to come out of Chaika.*

“Guns! You’re a wizard.”  ?????? o-o How did he come to that conclusion?
Can you make this animation anymore stilted (there mouths are barely moving).

U_U let get to my final thoughts on the episode.


This show is a mess!

  1. The characters sound extremely uninterested in that’s going on around them.

 This is a problem because it destroys any tension these scenes might have originally had.

  1. The show dumps you into the story.

T_o It feels like the show demands that I understand how the world works before watching the anime (I felt confused from beginning to end).  

  1. The animation is terrible.

 The mouth flaps were rarely time, there body movements are very stiff and they seem to have a hard time emoting (they have them eyes that satire into an eternal void).


^_^ The show manages to keep a natural flow (even if I don’t know what’s going on).  I’m not a fan of this art style nor am I a fan of the dialogue (might be poor translating) but, I can see this improving if they just explain a little more about what’s going on.