^_^ yay! going to mcm comic con.

I have been trying to convince DB to come with me and he finally said yes.

*It’s a lot safer to go with a friend too these big cons.*

^_^ it was my first big con last year and i discovered that they are basically huge market halls  that only take cash in hand (i will be prepared for that this time).  i actual got a little annoyed with the people working the cex booth last year because they sold me a 18 DVD and not one ask me my age.


I have had police  follow me because they thought I was 12

show me id *learner drivers license age 21*  they go and confirm it and still don’t believe me.

we need your call your parents

T_T my mother was laughing her ass off.

I did get an apology from them.  


XD reminds me of college! *my friend has the some problem and she is older then me.*

TT_TT I really do feel your pain konata.




2 responses

  1. Have fun and try not to get crushed by the crowds. I don’t mind Cex because they gave me a red bag which came in handy for storing the stuff I bought.

    1. o-o I still expect to be asked for id if i buy a hentai.

      crowds at a con: XD “I have been taken by the current, you will have to on without me.”

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