endless headache

Been falling asleep every 5 seconds.

 It did lead to a cool dream where I was being hunted down by a gentlemen with the world biggest curly mustache.

XD I really do need to keep a dream journal.  


2 responses

  1. He must have been a villain. All bad guys need facial hair to twirl menacingly.

    1. I think he was the woman’s farther in law.
      (the maid was forcefully escaping with her brain washed victim).
      I think this because the woman had a baby and there was a mysteries mute guy with shark like hair constantly following them.
      The even woman is goes: “think I know him”
      *I like to think that was her husband.*

      The maid tried to steal the woman because they are both from a different planet (indicted by the huge space ship).

      ^_^ I have very detailed dreams.

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