T-0 I’m designing a cozplay (this should be interesting)

I’m trained to design not sew. 

*i have experience in applique and using a sewing machine*

tutor: you have to using the sewing machine

me: ok! But don’t blame me when I kill it.

*That was the first time I threaded the machine with no problems.* 

To me cozplay is about representing your favorite characters however, that does not necessarily mean you have to maker a perfect copy of there outfit.


O_O *background* yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! England must of scored (the entire village cheered).


I’m currently trying to design a male madoka coz-play (my first design is not that bad).

I’m considering changing the main colour from pink to white (still fits with her cherry blossom themed dress), i’m also looking at different breeds of blossom in order to find inspiration.

^_^  Ether way my client gets the final word.



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