Magical Warfare Episode 7 impression


It’s about time I did episode 7.

For once can it get past the opening sequence before doing something stupid?

Chain chop with an eye missing (not a sin, but still amusing).

Wait a second?

The black arms grab her and pull her away.  NOW! Why doesn’t the girl have any restraints on her between these two shots? This is not a nit-pick because we clearly see that she is not struggling to kiss him. O_o Did the monster just loosen its grip so that she could have that kiss?

Monsters there – monster gone – monster back

*How did they mess up 4 seconds of animation*

Past the opening

“It’s not the kind of thing you learn overnight” which means are main character is going to learn it overnight.

Ok, we have a lot to go over her.

“Magic isn’t the sort of thing you can learn overnight” didn’t are main character get there magic because someone was using magic around them? It also didn’t take that long for them to learn how to control it ether (Magic seems very easily obtained in this world).

“Only focus and train hard.”  XD Cruchyroll this anime is bad enough without you messing up the subs.

“That’s the shortest path to mastering it.”  How ells could you learn it?  To Focus and train hard is the easy way, the mild way and the hard way… fact you could say it’s the only way.


“Sorry, my brother is a really hard tough teacher.” What? All you did was watch him use magic. Plus, why is this guy who has been brainwashed for a long time and could be faking his new loyalty teaching the weakest class?

Why does he want to help are main characters?  T_T he doesn’t even know these people (guess he is just a generous guy).


“It’s valentine’s day” how convenient, I sure hope this leaves an important impact on the episode.

“What was that?” girl runs to pudding and falls through the clouds, I can interpret that with no problems.  *clears throat * Mui’s blind desires will be her downfall (she wanted the pudding so much that she did not see the storm clouds).

“I had some business at headquarters”  why is no one monitoring you.

“Do you dream often?” Do you?  Could you be a little more specific with your questions?

“Sometime, nightmares are caused by magic.”  How do you know that? I have no problem with the show saying this but, how do you differentiate a magically activated nightmare from a normal nightmare.  Who was the first person to say: “That was a magically activated nightmare” was he laughed at or did they all just believe him/her.

“Have a goodnight” ignore the bright blue light coming from the window (the moon seems extra glowy tonight).  I’m sure he will have a good night seeing as you just recommended that he should see someone about his bad nightmares.

Wait a second, she fell down the stairs and only sprained her ankle? Lucky bugger!


Oh, so magical dreams are premonitions…err writers, you do know that a premonition and a nightmare are not the same thing.

“How long have you been having nightmares” they are not nightmares, in fact you saw the woman standing there stealing the smoke stuff from him.

“This is being caused by Twilight” curse you evil alicorn princess (friendship is murder).

Premonitions and a nightmares are not the same thing!

“The difference between a nightmare and a prediction is that nightmares always comes true.” Why do you use the same word for magical nightmares as you do for normal nightmares?  They could call it what it is “destined future sight”.

“Twilight is using your magical power to manifest in human form” is Twilight giving him the future nightmares because if she is stealing his power how can he have enough magic in order to use this sleep magic.

“All of your magic power will be consumed and you will die.” Why?  If she was stealing his life force I could understand (the guy was not born with magic).

Why has twilight only just started to course problems now … did she want some chocolate?


You did not give him a choice you gave him an order.

“Defeat twilight in your dreams and she will obey you” but she is clearly manifesting outside of his dreams? Unless you’re saying his dreams are just a different form of reality.

“You will be expending an enormous amount of magic power while your body remains asleep” his dreams must teleport him into a different physical reality because otherwise I would be asking, why can’t he just imagine he’s using magic?

Wait a second, they’re going to enter his dream? It really is a portal to a different dimension.

“The relationship between a magician and his aspect is similar to that between a parent and child” That why we are sending you to beat some sense into your child.


The guy went to sleep on command last time and now you need to use magic (what a waste of power).

“Come on, keep it together!”   That line was unprovoked (he’s calm as a cucumber).

^_^ anime! you  can’t use his imagination and still say he’s using his magic in his dreams.

They say that Mui’s bra has a string in the middle yet, in any other shot it’s clearly one piece of fabric stretching over her boobs.  In fact somehow when she is running with her arms flailing the bra miraculously stays in place (the bra string was untied).

XD That girl on the swing looks so 2 dimensional (she is as flat as paper).

Can’t you feel the love between mother and child “I will make you obey me!” (They care so much about each other).

Damn it! Mui! Was that meant to be said in the name of love and concern?

Are magic and life force the same thing in this show?

^_^ anime: where social services don’t exist.


Your mother must have cared a little more then what your describing Takeshi.

“She would not call me by my name, she never gave me anything, she doesn’t acknowledge me.”How come you didn’t die as a baby then?

That’s how a mother shows love to her child, tell them she values there existence…..O_O that’s even worse (don’t view your children as commodities).

Wait a second….he’s back in the real world….why?

So much for my mother never acknowledges me. Y_Y sure she does not talk much too you but that no reasons to make out that she does no feed or dress you (he did say she gave him nothing).

“Do you still have nightmare.” That depends on which ones you are referring to.

“I just say “Eterna, let me sleep soundly tonight, okay?”  But Eterna has no reason to steal your magic anymore? You’re only chanting is because it acts likes a security blanket.


I married my sword (sounds like an anime in the making).

“I will protect you no matter what”


^_^ because only idiots care about people.


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