Brynhildr in the Darkness first impression


At least the animation looks good. *I would rather watch this over magical warfare.*

I have a hard time trying to put into words how I feel about this show. Sure its drama feels a little heavy handed, you could even say it sounds forced at times but….you can’t say that the animation was poor  (It really helps to set the tone).

*U-U Unfortunately this anime just made me crave “The Severing Crime Edge”. A show that manage to create dark tones and still make the settings stunning (He’s sinisterly cutting her hair).*

This show has done nothing bad, but at the same time it’s done nothing to amaze me.



my thoughts while watching the episode

Why were you claiming along the side of a steep building?   Can you please setup this scenario before trying to make us feel sad for the characters.

*I’m so confused??? *

We get told the reason why they were on the side of a steep building……I’m not satisfied.  Sorry but if you had a friend that wanted to cross a narrow pipe with a long fall you would say NO! How did she convince him to do it: “I want to show you an alien” I would have said you’re mad and tried my best to stop you.   There is no reason why they should have been in that scenario to begin with.

^_^ head bandages solve all boldly injuries.


Why did she die but he didn’t?  *Maybe she fell into some rocks*

You were going to risk your life for a girl you didn’t even know?  Warning! This anime is starting to sound like Magical Warfare (that can’t end well).

Don’t you have to pass exam in order to get into Japanese Schools? How could you possibly get in and not know what 2×2 is?  O_O I shouldn’t bring logic into anime.

I’m glared you are so excepting of this random girl telling you you’re going to die.

^_^ sane people monologue aloud to themselves.

Is everyone in this anime an idiot?

O_O why is he so willing to accept everything this woman says?


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