Chaika –The Coffin Princess first impression


Why is the dialogue so unnaturally? *light novel* Doesn’t help that the voice actors sound uninterested.

*I was not expecting that voice to come out of Chaika.*

“Guns! You’re a wizard.”  ?????? o-o How did he come to that conclusion?
Can you make this animation anymore stilted (there mouths are barely moving).

U_U let get to my final thoughts on the episode.


This show is a mess!

  1. The characters sound extremely uninterested in that’s going on around them.

 This is a problem because it destroys any tension these scenes might have originally had.

  1. The show dumps you into the story.

T_o It feels like the show demands that I understand how the world works before watching the anime (I felt confused from beginning to end).  

  1. The animation is terrible.

 The mouth flaps were rarely time, there body movements are very stiff and they seem to have a hard time emoting (they have them eyes that satire into an eternal void).


^_^ The show manages to keep a natural flow (even if I don’t know what’s going on).  I’m not a fan of this art style nor am I a fan of the dialogue (might be poor translating) but, I can see this improving if they just explain a little more about what’s going on.



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