Nobunagun ending (reaction)


What’s your problem anime?  In what other show would they make Florence Nightingale out to be murder with a wheelchair that slashes people? *I did not see that coming.*

*I had to watch this many time before I could follow what they were saying.*

Jake the ripper is injecting ladies with a killer virus…….why? O_O It doesn’t seem like the anime is going to humour me with an answer.

I have 2 problems with this out of nowhere exculpation:

1.Jake the ripper killed prostitutes who lived in the slums of London.

The laddies depicted in this anime seemed quite well-off (new clothing, freshly styled hair and well fed).

2. He would slice their necks and then proceed to remove their organs.

 In short: you would not be walking away with just a stab wound.

Writing 101: After you’ve hit your climax end the story. *The last half of this episode is just filler.*

This show failed to be entertaining because it was too busy concentrating on its destructive monster plot. Did anyone for a second think are characters were ever going to lose?  How am I supposed to see these monsters as threat when are main characters can kill them off so easily (they had a killing contest that went into the hundreds)

The show spends too much time on pointless characters that inevitably do nothing (I think we got two new characters in the last episode just so we could have a plot devise).  *T-o There was a lot of pointless stuff going on throughout the entire anime.*

It’s not bad, good or meh!

It’s average.

 *I guess an average show is a lot easier to watch then a meh show*


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