The World is Still Beautiful midway impression


The first episode is an outlier.


I would love to recommend this anime to anyone who loves romances that can surpass the boundaries of age and regal position but……. U_U how can I word this?

The show acts like its embarrassed of itself.

You get a tender moment of the couple showing pure dedication to each other and then *sigh* you get the equivalent of a child blowing raspberries (it destroys the mood).

The fact is that both king and the princess are children. The princess might be older but you still can’t expect them to get along like too perfectly grown adults (it still gets on my nerves.)


The only other problem that I have with this show is that every problem can be solved by rain.

Person sad: rain

Show your love: rain

Bad guy: rain

^_^* I was defeated by the power of rain/wind.*

In an earlier episode she said that her power should not be used at leisure, YET! She uses it all the time in later episodes without a second thought (she sings in every episode).


This has been a good show and I really want to finish it.


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