Blade and Soul midway impression

CaptureThe main character was barely in this episode.

Can I come-up with a longer post for this anime then last time?


Animation: bland

Main character: T-o she might as well be a background characters because I know nothing about this person.  She is quite and wants revenge, which could be a really interesting concept if she showed emotion!  *Expression can speak louder than words.*

When you want to make a character seem emotionless you don’t give them expressive eyes/facial features (there is a fine line between having an emotionless face and just looking dozily vacant).

*This is the best way I can describe her vacant expression: Think I lift the gas on? *


The stories that surround this show are not half bad, I just wish they that they somehow connected into one story (they start in that episode and they end in that episode).

For an anime that’s supposed to make me want to buy the game it fails terribly. After watching this show you would just get the impression that the game is filled with slow story progression and characters with as much charisma as a sack of potatoes.

T_T This anime is still just a Meh.


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