Is the Order a Rabbit? midway impression


*Shudder* T-o saw a hug pillow of one of the character before watching this anime.  Am I the only one who just sees a creepy man/woman doing disturbing things to that pillow? *shudder* I don’t want to think about it (they should be banned).

*I’m mostly referring to the one that depict vulnerable children*

Before anyone says “it’s a cultural difference” let me bring this up: Chino is in the last year of elementary school, this means that she is ether 11 or 12 years old (The Japaneses age of consent is 13).



*Disregarding the creepy undertones* This show delivers what it promised: cute Moe girls doing cute things.  These shows don’t have running plots or deep characters.

The show gives each of the characters a distinctive personality trait alongside there bight hair (which usually is the only way to distinguish them).

Part from the creepiness of the pillow there is not much to talk about with this show.

*I usually watch these shows so that I can chill out after a long week of action/story driven anime.*


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  1. Yeah it is pretty creepy. Japan recently passed laws regarding porn featuring youngsters, but it does not apply to animated characters.

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