not well T_T

sore throat, painful headaches and a lack of energy.

I can barely stay awake (thank you lucozade).

^-^ DB’s commentary over the first episode of game of thrones did cheer me up.

*some guys walking though a cave*

DB: “roll a 20 to proceed.”

“The guy yelled at his men to get back onto there horses however, they are walking in the next scene.”

*box of dragon eggs*

“called it!”

I didn’t mind this first episode.


3 responses

  1. You okay? Get off the computer and rest…
    Rest is the best med. We humans wouldn’t have survived till now if not for our awesome body. Someone please create a ‘Body Day’, you know. (Says a 12 yr from across the globe.)

    1. I used to say the exact same thing to people online. ^-^

      *Thanks for the concern.*

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