Magical Warfare Episode 8 impression


 I will defeat you magical warfare.

We have never seen children in this anime until this point.

*you would think we would see one in the corridor once in a while.*

So there building is an elementary, junior and a high school….o-o where are they keeping all these children?

Where do these magical families live? I thought there was supposed to be a huge destructive war going on in there world?  Do they even come from there world?  Why is there a war going on in that dimension holds no value?

Little sister?????? What?


 Past the opening

Oh, its Kazumi’s sister…..waits a second! O_O if she has magical powers (which she must in order to get into this school) that means at some point he must have attacked her with magic.

Kazumi: “I raised her myself” T_T I have many questions:

Was she fending for life while you were at school for almost a year?

Why did he never bring her up in normal conversation?

Why bring your 6 year old sister into a world where you have almost died on multiple occasions?

Oh, so that’s how she got her magic….wait a second!  When did this conversation take place?  I thought they were not allowed to leave the school unless it was a holiday.

Almost accidentally Murdering someone always leaves the victim feeling a little embarrassed.

Kurumi: “Why are you here?”  USE YOUR BRAIN!

The better question would be: How did you get here?

You never expected that he would have a bath???


That bath water is very high. *Three times as many Japanese people die in bathtubs as in car crashes (thanks QI).*

O_O his brother has no refection (he’s a vampire).

You were hit by a car yet, your wound is more similar to the deep slash of a blade.

T_T don’t apologise, you were right about your brother playing with Kurumi’s emotion during a great time of stress.

How do year groups work in this school?


Dose Tsuganashi want to romance his sister? Why ells would he give her chocolates and then say if his was better than Takeshi’s.

T-o I really dislike Takeshi.

“Make you brother more like you” ^_^ I love how much respect he has for his brother as an independent human being.

I sure hope he does not use that bad dream in order to be a jerk to his brother.

Did Takeshi leave is window open or do these windows open from the outside?

Why are the curtains moving on the other window?  (The other window is clearly shut).

I thought they shared rooms? O-o it’s not a very good place to have a long conversation (must be cold with that window open).


I’m just going to presume that the parents of the children enrolling where never threatened with death if they didn’t join a club.

I don’t think the argument of “we kill less people” really helps when you’re trying to argue why your path is the correct way.

^_^ it’s a destructive rave party *woop woop*.

Why did his mother dump her weapon in the schools basement?

Really, no one can hear him yelling.

Don’t play the was it a dream rubbish. why try and fake us out if you’re just going to say it happened.


I have seen many shows that have powerful characters awakening from prisons however, I have never seen a powerful character sleeping in a bed at the bad guys house (that set up sound like it should belong in a magical comedy).

This episode was not a nearly as last one.


2 responses

  1. Fascinating fact from Stephen Fry’s QI.

    1. ^_^ brought to us by the QI elves.

      *it’s quite interesting*

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