Nobunaga the Fool 75% impression


We got past the half-way point, now what do I think of this show? T_T it’s ok.

Since we got into the war between the two planets the show has lost its original charm, which is sad because I was really fascinated in how the kingdom world worked.


Jeanne change her clothes…..don’t ask when she did that (she just started wearing western armor one day).

That happens a lot in this second half “things happen” (I call it plot convenience).

It’s just action from this point with very little story/character interaction sprinkled throughout.


 “Look at all the people dyeing!” T_T  *yorn*

“We killed a partially main character.” Yet I’m still bored.

knew I would lose all interest when they started to introduce the western world into the story.


2 responses

  1. Good thing that she changed her clothes. Wearing the same sweaty armor can get smelly.

    1. she went from eastern clothes to western clothes for no reason.

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