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Kyousougiga ending (reaction)

CaptureI’m lost for word??????  I have never watched an anime pull up so much bull in order to try and explain itself.

The biggest problem with this anime is that every time they try and add drama or deeper character development they inevitably shoot themselves in the foot.  Do not attempt to listen or follow the events in any of the episodes because you will just find yourself going insane by how much they contradict themselves (give me consistency).

The main reason anyone should watch this anime is for the creative animation and settings that really helped bring this insane world to life. If it wasn’t for the dialogue I would have really love every moment this anime presented to me (you can really see the love/hard work that went in making this).  

^-O this is a great show to watch if you just want to see something new and distinctive.

Golden Time ending (reaction)

CaptureAll shall bow to the mighty shoe-sama.

I have been putting of this anime for a while….but can you truly blame me. This anime doesn’t have really have deep story but… does have a lot of emotion (it’s hard to explain).

If you have seen Clannad or Elfen lied you will be familiar with emotional manipulation. These types of anime are 10x more interested in making you feel an emotion then actually trying to tell you a deep/logical story.  

This anime had no reason to be 24 episodes long!  This entire plot could have easily been condensed into a 12 episode series (there is so much filler that could be trimmed).

The last couple of episode did have me teary eyed however, you have to go through a lot moderately boring episodes before actually hitting any form of substance.

Capture 1

O_O These flowers disturb me on a deep psychology level (they don’t match the anime and only appear for a couple of seconds).

Love Live! School Idol Project 2 first impression

CaptureThis opening music sounds familiar? ^_^ we shall boldly go where no idol has gone before! *This Season has low picture quality.*

I would have thought that Japanese schools would be very strict rules about who the school president was.  I would have thought they would have to be smart, sociable, athletic and generally well rounded (you don’t want them falling behind).

When I was in school we had a year group council with representative from each forum group (your forum name was the initials of you forum teacher).  The head of are year (random teacher) would watch over the debates as your nominated head speaker would read out current problems plaguing the students (it was a mini parliament).

There is another love live…..yay!? you would think they would be a lot more worried about entering seeing as what happened last time….. hang on cotton picking second! Why is Honoka school president? The reason she got ill and depressed last season was because she was overwhelmed (she doesn’t know when to stop).

How did Honoka get voted in? she might act nice on the outside but behind the mask she is amazingly selfish and will take advantage of other peoples kindness in order to fulfill her own dreams.


“why don’t you want to enter Honoka?” Did everyone get a bad case of amnesia?


I’m just going to presume this season is not going to acknowledge what happen at the the end of the first season, that and am going to presume this season is going to play the “friendship is awesome!” card  every time the slightest hit of conflict shows its face.

There better be build up to there ending episodes this season (got anime whiplash last time).

^_^ I’m finally back!

My neck still feels a little bulky but at least it’s not as swollen /sore as before.

This last week I avoided my computer as much as possible so that I could force myself to enjoy the sun shine and fresh air that lies outside my little box room.

T_o After hearing about the 50 shade of gray film I started to read Venus in furs by Leopold von sacher-masoch and I’m hoping to follow that up with  Justine by marquis de sade (my boyfriend got me these books).

I went the new comic book stale in town and got john Constantine hellbalzer (It was exactly what I was looking for in a comic book).


Me after watching the first 4 episodes of clannad after story: Y_Y This entire story ark is extremely forced! The conclusion to all this madness doesn’t even connect with the original question (it drifted off so it could be more dramatic).

On the penguindrum front me and my mother sit confused as we try and follow the bath load of information bestrode upon us from 13 and 14.  *My mother was asking me loads of questions that I just could not answer (I was just a lost).*

Sanetoshi Watase:  “overwhelming, overwhelming, overwhelming.”

Mother: “would he just shut up! He just keeps saying that same word over and over.”

Watching episode 14:

Me: “I think she is going to be raped”

Mum: “what makes you think that?”

 Me: “why ells would this one dvd be an 18”

*watches on*

Me and mother: *wide eyed*

Me: “I can’t say we didn’t see that coming.”


^_^ I went on a long walk Sunday exploring the many different paths throughout out the village (you always end where you start).  I sat be a gentle stream and drew the many ripples floating away on this sun shiny day. O-o once I finished the drawing I discovered that I had drawn an evil looking fish swimming from two different directions (it’s sometimes fun to just let your mind draw).

For the first time in 3 years I am going on a proper holiday! O_O This is also the first holiday I have spent with DB (boyfriend) and the first time we would have spent more the 2 nights together (hoping it goes well).

I will be gone August 8th-12th

*Going to try-out the new timer posting tool.*

^_^ August seems to be the month of rejuvenation seeing as DB said he is going to take me to an ancient piece of UK history that I have always wanted to see.

August 1st-2nd

For now I shall get back to me beloved anime.

need a week off (I’m sorry that this is so short notice)

I have had a  swollen neck for a while now and it’s coming to the point where its effecting my breathing.

my gp has advised me to relax using natural methods or…..T_T I will have to take a drug that will nub the pain and help me sleep (don’t want that).

*£8 per medication adds up*


^_^ The good news is that my dentist liked my teeth.

I always feel very worried when the receptionist says “see you soon”. O_O my appointments are 6 months apart, are you expecting something terrible to happen to my teeth.

i’m really sorry about this hiatus.

The Ambition of Oda Nobuna ending (reaction)


I’m a little confused?  *opens up history books* did Nobunaga kill the emperor….no because his name was Ogimachi. *goes to mal* “konoe Sakihisa” I did some research on him…..O_O I still don’t understand.

Why did she kill him?

It comes out of nowhere and only seems to exist because the writers couldn’t think up an ending (there isn’t much lead up).

^_^ I got really confused because Nobunaga has a small speech about how people should not be born into power and how every man should choose their path (something on them lines).   I honestly thought she killed the emperor.


*That was a very confusing ending.*


If you can’t tell the second half of this show goes a little insane.

Thanks to the meddling of are main character history has changed (in the game) meaning that he can no longer tell female Nobunaga what is going to happen in the future.

T_T This anime is boring! As a Nobunaga anime it manages to mix things up in a fascinating new ways, it’s just sad that the characters have no personality.

*I honestly can’t remember anyone from this show.*

This might be the first anime that I have instantly forgot about after finishing it.

Locodol first impression


Are main character wants a swimming costume and ends up being an idol……that’s it?

Nothing happens! O_O NOTHING!  

It’s not funny, it’s not charming and are main character doesn’t seem that interesting.

T_T I love how any form of development just conveniently pop out of nowhere (you could of foreshadowed her love for idols).  

*Was that reason she was watching the drama club?*

I just wish there was more to talk about (A pure meh show).


*The next 5 days will be anime endings (think I found my rhythm)*


No Game No Life ending (reaction)

CaptureJust because you end on a cliff hanger doesn’t mean you are guaranteed a second season (it all comes down to DVD sales now).

Visually I enjoyed watching  each episode dance around in its candy coloured magical paradise.  This show has a unique presence thanks to the out of the norm design choices (each characters looks distinctive).

*Too many anime characters are designed from the same template.*

When it comes to the story…….it’s a mess.  There is a main story however, it’s buried under loads of sub plots and is only brought up in the first episode and the last (I almost forgot about Tet).


 T_o Here is the best way I can describe it:

Imagine a graph with one dot saying A: start and the other saying B: end.

When we tie a string to A and B we are creating a linear story.

If we were to add some extra dots to the graph the lines will become warped however, the string is still able to find its way to the end.

This anime has an A, but it chooses to ignore B for scatter graphs with no string.


I can’t call this a bad show.  You couldn’t help but laugh when a character pulled out a long absurd explanation out of nowhere, I was entertained by fights would play out and I was amused by the are character interact.

I can’t say it’s perfect, but I can say I was amused.

Black Bullet midway impression

CaptureHow does the virus in these girls work?

At first I thought they were powerful because of the virus however, later in the show we see a little girl working a machine gun!

Why does this anime randomly forget that these kids still have the brains of normal children.

*What’s with the prejudice anyway?*

T_O kidney transplant?????? She was choked and now needs a kidney??????Sorry but I don’t follow. Can somebody explain how strangling someone damages the kidneys?

A young girl about 10-12 years old is a mechanized soldier….sorry but I’m calling bull.  I can understand putting robotic body parts into a 16 year old however, in order for this little girl to be this trained she would have to started from a young age (she was most likely forcefully given the virus).


Not really enjoying this anime.

There not much to say about this show outside of fighting and “drama”. I don’t partially like any of the characters, I’m not interested in the story and I keep wondering where all the big monsters have gone (we have been focusing on just the girls).

update 15/07/2014

^-o Going to a con in 4 days *yay* so don’t expect a post on:

July 18th and 19th.

somebody has managed to press my information obsession button and now I can’t stop studying.

what you may ask?  feminism!

T_o personally I find that a lot of  the much louder ones just want to shout Misogyny every time a man opens the door however, in respect to a fellow anime fan that I have being talking to I will at least try to looking to feminism theory.

There seems to be many different types. O_O

 Cultural Feminism

Socialist (Marxist) Feminism

Radical Feminism


 Socialist Feminism 



Post-Colonial Feminism

Post-Modern Feminism

^_^ i love studying theory!