La Corda d’Oro ~primo passo~ first impression

CaptureThat was 10X better then La corda d’oro -Blue Sky-!

The show is about a magical music fairy that chooses a girl who has no musical ability to enter a music contest. Thanks to a promise the fairy made to the founder of the school are heroine has been given a magical violin that can play any song you want it to play as long feel the music.


^_^ It’s been so long since I have seen an anime that is filled with this much magical charm. This anime has a story, it has magic and it’s not concentrating on how many guys are main heroine can go out with.

*This is the first anime in a long time where I have gone straight to the second episode.*


All of the guys seem to suffer with puffy/skittle hair syndrome (how you know a character is important in a shojo), The fairly is sassy but extremely cute and are main character actually has a bubbly personality.

*It’s been so long since I have seen a bubbly heroine*

This anime is about the magic of music yet, they turned it into a cheap dating sim in the newest incarnation. *just stick to ~primo passo~ *

^_^ thank you animekawaii90

*I would’t have known this existed if you didn’t tell me.*


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