Dungeon and dragons

I want to be a dungeon master. *O_O so much to learn!*


A year ago are only dungeon master moved away, he was the only one with all of the necessary guides that are needed to play the game.

*role-play guides are not cheap*

Today I went down to the bored/card game shop in order to buy the board game version of D and D, until DB pointed out a starters kit on the shelf (apparently this starters kit is not official out yet.)

^-^ The woman at the till was extremely nice and informative (she knows her role-playing games).

*They are planning to set up D and D nights (can’t go to them because of work)*


So far I have read though 2 chapters of the beginner’s guild (my head hurts).

*It feels like I’m studying for my level 1 dungeon master exam.*

Guess I just have to hope my first game goes well.


4 responses

  1. Good luck with your first game. Those D&D guides sure are costly. No wonder they keep bringing out new editions all the time.

    1. The new players guild doesn’t come out till the end of August and the new monster guide doesn’t come out till October.
      I have plenty of time to to study D an’ D 101. ^-^

      *might join the Sunday game.*

  2. D&D is a lot to learn, but it’s definitely worth it. I started playing 3.5 earlier this year with my friends and we really enjoyed it. I played an elf wizard, but in the end I didn’t like her, wizards are kind of useless until you get to a high enough level. Next time I will play someone I can hack and slash at things with.

    1. waiting for version 5 to come out (got the starter kit so far). *the last roll-play game I played wasn’t D and D.*

      Ironically I was feminist priestess elf healer who had a very funny back-story (dark but oddly amusing).

      once I get into character there is no talking to real me until a brake or after the game.

      T-o think I would choose to be a Cleric.

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