^_^ update 08/07/2014

11 days till I go to the con! *^_^ me and DB are prepared this year.*

I want to find a sgt frog this year.

The sergeant went a courting and he did ride,

going kero with each stride, 


Looking back on some of my old character designs  from my first story. O_O why does one of then look like a little John Lennon?

*I need to finish that personal project*

TT_TT failed my mock D and D game (good thing it was not real).

^-o But I now know what I need to improve on.

  • memories dice
  • memories basic stills
  • have the monster book open before a fight
  • keep my composure
  • practice speaking aloud

It’s English language class all over again!

In real life I like to hold back my true way of being because too many people are repulsed by the things I say and random nature of my actions. in short: I can never allow myself to get too happy or too sad (I must always have a level head).

That and over stimulation activates my fight or flight reflex (will I pass out,run or fight? no one knows).  *O_0 even I don’t know (it all becomes a blur by that point).*

^_^ I’m glad I know such understanding people.

Lea: I had a dream where you left me by myself at a con.

DB: I would never put you in that position, you mean way too much too me.


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