Wanna be the Strongest in the World ending (reaction)


This anime has immature fan-service however, if you can look past that this anime is not that bad.  You would think in an anime filled with woman you would see a lot of bouncing boobs and over the top drama (omg I broke a nail! Stop the match). They take there fighting really seriously with each move coursing realistic pain.

Part from are main character none of the other female wrestlers were sexed up. When you look at these woman wrestlers you can see they are built to take punishment and deliver it.

*^_^ Roi Kazma is my favourite wrestler in this anime (she had a strong presence).*

It’s not the best show in the world but….T_T I have seen a lot worse.


^_^ I give it the mildly amusing rating. 

This show would get a 6/10 on my rating system (57%).  

* Only anime made in 2014 can get on that list.*


One response

  1. Yeah, I pretty much agree. People say this show is terrible, but I thought it was surprisingly watchable and the fan service wasn’t as bad as other animes.

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