Log Horizon 75% impression


O_O Must cuddle shiny bubble/orb creatures!

*I forgot to read the subs (I was distracted by the magic of bubbles with cute faces).*

  T-o let’s get this out of the way: This show likes to talk too much! *on the upside we haven’t had a new game mechanic explained too us in ages.*

This anime can get really tedious during the long confiscation about the political relationship between the npc and adventure players. *You’re boring me anime, stop boring me!*

This show is a lot more enjoyable to watch when they are actually fighting, strategizing and worrying about the safety of their guilds.  I have been a hundred times more interest in seeing what the new players have been doing (they have only been training these last couple of episodes).

These last 6 episodes have been a bit of a snooze feasts, however! Episode 18 has set us up for a big war event that is sure to be filled with sorrow and action.

Good luck log Horizon!  I hope your show ends on a high note.


8 responses

  1. Does it trump .hack for dullest online game anime ever?

    1. it’s not dull, its just wordy.

      T_o I would rather watch Log Horizon over sword art online.

      problem with Log Horizon: The gamer don’t mention the real world that often (don’t you care about your families),

      problem with sword art online: if you played that game as much as they do you would have bad muscle deterioration (they were stuck in that game for 2-3 years).

      ^_^ you would also think they would have problems with differentiating reality from fantasy.

      *It’s amazing non of the players ended up in a metal institution.*

      1. Kirito looked like he was suffering from muscle deterioration when he escaped the game, but Asuna looked just fine. Some people did seem to lose their minds in SAO, but they died in game.

      2. yes he did however, the anime forgot about it an episode later.

        I’m not talking about loosing you mind in sense of being trapped somewhere.
        I’m talking about walking down the street and killing someones pet because your brain thinks it’s an monster that will give you xp.

        Kirito did murder someone without remorse.

        i’m more interested in the after affect then the concept of being stuck in a game.

        ^_^ no longer can you walk anywhere you like or go on adventures when you feel bored.

  2. Wasn’t there a time gap between the first half of SAO and the second half?

    For a few years I practically lived in WOW, but thankfully I never got the urge to murder someone’s pet 🙂

    1. I don’t think there was?? ^-o you didn’t live in wow for 3 years without any real world contact.

      You sat in the dark with only the eerie glow of the computer to keep you company.

      *Horrible eyestrain and sensory deprivation.*

      1. I looked it up. There was a two month gap between episodes 14 and 15.

      2. ^_^ they don’t show the passing of time that well in the episode (even i had too look that up).

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