Magimoji Rurumo first impression


why do these guys remind me of the Roman Club from Sundome (if you are under 18 do not look up that manga).  

That was one slow episode.

It doesn’t help that the introduction of the witch couldn’t even fill both half of the anime (you could feel the time draining away during the first half).


A boy summons a witch and madness ensues.

*There is also something to do with wish coupons that will kill him when he runs out (cheap excuse for a dramatic ending) *

I have question about the second half of this anime: When he wished to be invisible did he have to make a 2nd wish in order to visible again?  *it’s a valid and important question*

O_O What was going on with that opening? It felt like there were too many composers (they were battling for supremacy).

The designs are pretty bland and not that expressive (which is odd because I think this is supposed to be a comedy).

T_T This anime has failed to amuse me.


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