Magical Warfare Episode 9 impression


We are so close to finishing Magical Warfare.

He was asleep for 17 years and hasn’t aged in the slightest.

If they know what they must do why do they need you?

*17 year to be told: “you know what to do.”*

When did the first war end? *I thought they were still in a war?*

Past opening

Everyone get down” *earthquake* ^_^ no one goes down onto the floor (he doesn’t even listen to his own advice).

All these magicians and only one thinks to protect their class mate with magic.

I would think that breaking the glass into smaller shards would be just as dangerous as gutting hit by a window.

Observation: The class has just ended and there is not a teacher in sight.

I had to watch this over and over because it really did confound me.   


You can clearly see she is standing on the left


what angle an I looking from?


It’s a good thing she was saved but…..How did she end up under the middle of the desk on the on the far right?


XD I can’t make sense of these angles. 

Somebody had to tell you to look at the giant dragon in the window…what’s wrong with you?

“What is this.” It’s a dragon with a blue flame, now stop asking questions and run for your life.

“What’s happening” Y_Y giant red dragon! Use your brains!

There are a lot is visually odd moments in this episode.



he removes his clothes to reveal….

Capture He is wearing a cloak???……there is no way he was wearing that under his clothes.  How did all the evil students know today was the day of rebellion anyway? *Guess they must always ware there magical cloaks encase of such an event.*

^_^ I like how some hallways look destroyed yet others only have broken windows.

o-o The boy we knew was evil is evil, who could of seen that happening?

T-o one hallway with 3 bad guys blocking you on both sides.

  1.  You should always spread out your minions when you’re trying to overrun any establishment (having 6 take on 1 is just a waste).
  2. She must have known she was being followed because there are no corners on that corridor.
  3.  When Mui put up a shield to protect from left attack the other team should have attacked her undefended opening.
  4. The bad guys have poor reaction time.


Glad she is perfectly ok with murdering her students.

Don’t tell us, show us what they can do!

He has a magical stapler! *I did not see that coming.*

T_T how can a full grown wizard not know what a magical filed does.

Stop talking! you spend more time talking then fighting.

They were completely pointless.


^_^ Think I’m starting to woot for the bad guys to win. *T_o I don’t care about laws of magic anymore.*

Why did the bad guy let the wizards live? What was the point of invading a school of weak trainee wizards if you’re not going to dispose of them?

Thank goodness the dragon didn’t attack the infirmary.

why dose the infirmary only have 2 beds?

bought time someone beat Takeshi to a pulp.

^_^ I like Gekkou (he might be insane but he make a lot more sense then his brother).

XD what the heck am I looking at! Has he actual become a demon? *”How can we make Takeshi the good guy?”  “we could turn his brother into a demon”*

How dose Kurumi’s magic work? *T_T I should stop asking*


WHY? WHY?WHY?  sorry anime but I will never like Takeshi  no matter how evil you try and depict his brother.  Y-Y The only reason you made Gekkou turn into a demon and kill his mother is to make out her was in the wrong, which is bull.

Takeshi did take advantage of kurumi’s emotionaly crippled state.

He even tried to ditch her for Mui in one episode; he said and i quote: “can we stop pretending”. he is the biggest jerk I have seen in anime (I hate him more then Makoto from school days).


Just 3 more episode to go. 


3 responses

  1. Shifting positions and cloaks. It can all be explained by magic 🙂

    1. XD I don’t know how the magic in this show works.

  2. I love magic! I need to see this show for the magic even though it doesn’t work properly… 🙂

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