Momo Kyun Sword first impression


Boobs, boobs, boobs, boobs, BOOBS! *Nobody is watching this for the plot.*

O_O I’m in shock! This anime is not based on romance of the three kingdoms or Nobungana (it’s the end of the world).  To appease the history fans they gave us a sexy rendition of the boy who was born from a peach.

My favourite quote from this anime: “she grew a pair of giant peaches”.  

When you look at the image above you might be saying: “they look like magical girls” same reaction I had. O-o It takes a couple of seconds until you realise this is a magical woman anime that involves us staring at her……..peaches.


*why do they have really red boobs in these kinds of anime?*

*Do guys find sore boobs attractive?*


Team skittles boobs don’t actual look like they are attached half of the time (they don’t move with their bodies).

It’s fun to be able to sit back and watch some mindless colourful nonsense once in a while (it shall become my replacement for Walkure romanze).


One response

  1. This is the breast anime of the season.

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