Black Bullet midway impression

CaptureHow does the virus in these girls work?

At first I thought they were powerful because of the virus however, later in the show we see a little girl working a machine gun!

Why does this anime randomly forget that these kids still have the brains of normal children.

*What’s with the prejudice anyway?*

T_O kidney transplant?????? She was choked and now needs a kidney??????Sorry but I don’t follow. Can somebody explain how strangling someone damages the kidneys?

A young girl about 10-12 years old is a mechanized soldier….sorry but I’m calling bull.  I can understand putting robotic body parts into a 16 year old however, in order for this little girl to be this trained she would have to started from a young age (she was most likely forcefully given the virus).


Not really enjoying this anime.

There not much to say about this show outside of fighting and “drama”. I don’t partially like any of the characters, I’m not interested in the story and I keep wondering where all the big monsters have gone (we have been focusing on just the girls).


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