No Game No Life ending (reaction)

CaptureJust because you end on a cliff hanger doesn’t mean you are guaranteed a second season (it all comes down to DVD sales now).

Visually I enjoyed watching  each episode dance around in its candy coloured magical paradise.  This show has a unique presence thanks to the out of the norm design choices (each characters looks distinctive).

*Too many anime characters are designed from the same template.*

When it comes to the story…….it’s a mess.  There is a main story however, it’s buried under loads of sub plots and is only brought up in the first episode and the last (I almost forgot about Tet).


 T_o Here is the best way I can describe it:

Imagine a graph with one dot saying A: start and the other saying B: end.

When we tie a string to A and B we are creating a linear story.

If we were to add some extra dots to the graph the lines will become warped however, the string is still able to find its way to the end.

This anime has an A, but it chooses to ignore B for scatter graphs with no string.


I can’t call this a bad show.  You couldn’t help but laugh when a character pulled out a long absurd explanation out of nowhere, I was entertained by fights would play out and I was amused by the are character interact.

I can’t say it’s perfect, but I can say I was amused.


One response

  1. I don’t like season cliffhangers. So many shows are unfinished because a second season never saw the light of day. By all means leave some things open for potential future stories, but at least end things in a satisfying manner.

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