The Ambition of Oda Nobuna ending (reaction)


I’m a little confused?  *opens up history books* did Nobunaga kill the emperor….no because his name was Ogimachi. *goes to mal* “konoe Sakihisa” I did some research on him…..O_O I still don’t understand.

Why did she kill him?

It comes out of nowhere and only seems to exist because the writers couldn’t think up an ending (there isn’t much lead up).

^_^ I got really confused because Nobunaga has a small speech about how people should not be born into power and how every man should choose their path (something on them lines).   I honestly thought she killed the emperor.


*That was a very confusing ending.*


If you can’t tell the second half of this show goes a little insane.

Thanks to the meddling of are main character history has changed (in the game) meaning that he can no longer tell female Nobunaga what is going to happen in the future.

T_T This anime is boring! As a Nobunaga anime it manages to mix things up in a fascinating new ways, it’s just sad that the characters have no personality.

*I honestly can’t remember anyone from this show.*

This might be the first anime that I have instantly forgot about after finishing it.


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