^_^ I’m finally back!

My neck still feels a little bulky but at least it’s not as swollen /sore as before.

This last week I avoided my computer as much as possible so that I could force myself to enjoy the sun shine and fresh air that lies outside my little box room.

T_o After hearing about the 50 shade of gray film I started to read Venus in furs by Leopold von sacher-masoch and I’m hoping to follow that up with  Justine by marquis de sade (my boyfriend got me these books).

I went the new comic book stale in town and got john Constantine hellbalzer (It was exactly what I was looking for in a comic book).


Me after watching the first 4 episodes of clannad after story: Y_Y This entire story ark is extremely forced! The conclusion to all this madness doesn’t even connect with the original question (it drifted off so it could be more dramatic).

On the penguindrum front me and my mother sit confused as we try and follow the bath load of information bestrode upon us from 13 and 14.  *My mother was asking me loads of questions that I just could not answer (I was just a lost).*

Sanetoshi Watase:  “overwhelming, overwhelming, overwhelming.”

Mother: “would he just shut up! He just keeps saying that same word over and over.”

Watching episode 14:

Me: “I think she is going to be raped”

Mum: “what makes you think that?”

 Me: “why ells would this one dvd be an 18”

*watches on*

Me and mother: *wide eyed*

Me: “I can’t say we didn’t see that coming.”


^_^ I went on a long walk Sunday exploring the many different paths throughout out the village (you always end where you start).  I sat be a gentle stream and drew the many ripples floating away on this sun shiny day. O-o once I finished the drawing I discovered that I had drawn an evil looking fish swimming from two different directions (it’s sometimes fun to just let your mind draw).

For the first time in 3 years I am going on a proper holiday! O_O This is also the first holiday I have spent with DB (boyfriend) and the first time we would have spent more the 2 nights together (hoping it goes well).

I will be gone August 8th-12th

*Going to try-out the new timer posting tool.*

^_^ August seems to be the month of rejuvenation seeing as DB said he is going to take me to an ancient piece of UK history that I have always wanted to see.

August 1st-2nd

For now I shall get back to me beloved anime.


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  1. I don’t know about healing a sore neck, but watching After Story is a good way of curing tear ducts that don’t weep.

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