Love Live! School Idol Project 2 first impression

CaptureThis opening music sounds familiar? ^_^ we shall boldly go where no idol has gone before! *This Season has low picture quality.*

I would have thought that Japanese schools would be very strict rules about who the school president was.  I would have thought they would have to be smart, sociable, athletic and generally well rounded (you don’t want them falling behind).

When I was in school we had a year group council with representative from each forum group (your forum name was the initials of you forum teacher).  The head of are year (random teacher) would watch over the debates as your nominated head speaker would read out current problems plaguing the students (it was a mini parliament).

There is another love live…..yay!? you would think they would be a lot more worried about entering seeing as what happened last time….. hang on cotton picking second! Why is Honoka school president? The reason she got ill and depressed last season was because she was overwhelmed (she doesn’t know when to stop).

How did Honoka get voted in? she might act nice on the outside but behind the mask she is amazingly selfish and will take advantage of other peoples kindness in order to fulfill her own dreams.


“why don’t you want to enter Honoka?” Did everyone get a bad case of amnesia?


I’m just going to presume this season is not going to acknowledge what happen at the the end of the first season, that and am going to presume this season is going to play the “friendship is awesome!” card  every time the slightest hit of conflict shows its face.

There better be build up to there ending episodes this season (got anime whiplash last time).


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