Golden Time ending (reaction)

CaptureAll shall bow to the mighty shoe-sama.

I have been putting of this anime for a while….but can you truly blame me. This anime doesn’t have really have deep story but… does have a lot of emotion (it’s hard to explain).

If you have seen Clannad or Elfen lied you will be familiar with emotional manipulation. These types of anime are 10x more interested in making you feel an emotion then actually trying to tell you a deep/logical story.  

This anime had no reason to be 24 episodes long!  This entire plot could have easily been condensed into a 12 episode series (there is so much filler that could be trimmed).

The last couple of episode did have me teary eyed however, you have to go through a lot moderately boring episodes before actually hitting any form of substance.

Capture 1

O_O These flowers disturb me on a deep psychology level (they don’t match the anime and only appear for a couple of seconds).


One response

  1. I have watched Clannad so I know what you are talking about…
    My sister tells me to stop watching anime that makes me cry…

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