Kyousougiga ending (reaction)

CaptureI’m lost for word??????  I have never watched an anime pull up so much bull in order to try and explain itself.

The biggest problem with this anime is that every time they try and add drama or deeper character development they inevitably shoot themselves in the foot.  Do not attempt to listen or follow the events in any of the episodes because you will just find yourself going insane by how much they contradict themselves (give me consistency).

The main reason anyone should watch this anime is for the creative animation and settings that really helped bring this insane world to life. If it wasn’t for the dialogue I would have really love every moment this anime presented to me (you can really see the love/hard work that went in making this).  

^-O this is a great show to watch if you just want to see something new and distinctive.


2 responses

  1. I haven’t seen this show. So I might give it a try, based on your recommendations : D.

    1. 10 episodes long with an episode 0 (pilot).

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