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DB review: Btooom! vol 6


Title: Btooom! vol 6

Publisher: Yen Press

Author: Junya Inoue

Rating: Mature

This was a strange book for me. So far I have enjoyed Btooom! I have found it fun and an interesting take on a well used genre, but with book 6 I found that I needed more than one read through before it won me over. This book is the most action packed in terms of battling and initially I didn’t really enjoy that. I enjoy this book for its detailed characterisations, something that can be overlooked in manga. I particularly like the fact that no character is flawless, they all have a side of them that isn’t perfect and for me that kind of characterisation draws me deeper into a book. I personally don’t like hero characters that have no flaws or weaknesses. To me in makes them less human. Likewise the best villains have no morals and can therefore not be bought off with emotions like being compassionate or being noble, even more so if they cause chaos for the sake of causing chaos. With this series everyone has some flaw or has made a choice that they wish they could undo, after all that is what has gotten them into this situation in the first place.


The other problem with this particular book in the series is that to me it felt like it was beginning to fall back on the occasional common cliché, something which I hadn’t expected. You see another of my pet hates in stories is when the audience knows more than the character especially when it comes to knowing about other characters. To be fair though it is hard to portray a character that isn’t to be trusted without giving the reader the knowledge that they can’t be trusted. At best all you can do is leave the reader suspicious of a character rather than tell the reader the obvious.


It may sound like I don’t particularly like this particular book, but it does some good points especially when it comes to tactics used in fights and battles. Again something I particularly like is a contest, fight or battle where thought has been into the tactics required to win. The more the character has to think about how to win the more I enjoy it.


Btooom! book 6 isn’t the worse thing I have ever read, there is plenty of others I could think of, but to me it feels like the weakest in this series so far, but maybe that also comes from the high standards set by the previous five volumes. If this were the first book in the series then I would be disappointed but coming where it does means that it gives me wonderment as to what will follow. This series has the potential to go back to what it does best and I hope it does because this book did leave me feeling flat.

Glasslip first impression

CaptureThis anime sure loves reusing animation and showing us still images.

This is a quite anime about life…..or maybe it’s about magical glass? I can’t really tell.

In this first episode we were introduced too some charterers (Can’t tell your much about them part from they are humans).  There was a bossy sitter to a grumpy looking guy and a girl with glasses.

T_T I can’t tell what they are going for?

*Is it trying to grab the relaxing day to day life of Non non biyori or is it trying to be like Nagi no asukara with the natural passage of time.*

This was just an unimaginative episode that fails to stand out from the hundreds of other anime’s you could be watching.

*This anime has to be a contender for the blandest opening sequence of 2014.*  

Occult Academy first impression

CaptureI should class this anime as garbage, yet they somehow made it work….HOW???

This anime is about a high school that has something to do with the occult (that’s all I know).

Story/plot: I’m not sure?

How are we as the audience supposed to be invested in an evil spirit taking over the dead principles body when are main characters don’t give a dam?  

XD Everyone is too willing to kill each other without a second thought (it’s unintentionally funny).  You can’t kill your farther with an axes and then lament about his death in a short montage.    

*Emotionless murder!  Yet she was really expressive with the guy in the car and on the phone (no one talks like that).*

Characters: 2 girls, some background people and black hair girl.


T_o I’m not sure why I felt amused by this anime?  

Was it the cheap feel of the animation/designs? The poor use of atmosphere? Maybe it was the many failed attempts at being funny? (Breaking the mood doesn’t guaranty a laugh).  


under the bed

Family came home early (bad wind and rain) 

 After seeing a lot of hama art around these days I went under my bed and found my old tub sitting bedside some old toys. 

 *O_O my baby toy is under there*

 ^_^ there is something very emotionally provoking about holding a toy you truly loved as a child. 


6 years ago I brought  “animal crossing: let’s go to the city” 

 i kept the box and said to myself

“one day i will be able to put this game back into this box with the mic”

 TT_TT  I finally found the mic and had the honer of putting in back in its original box (with books and bags).

*we did it 15-16 year old me.*


Each step helps me move on with life (I’m a bad hoarder).

^_^ I need to ask myself “do I need/use this anymore.”


update 27/08/2014

My neighbour to the right has stopped banging on the walls *yay!*.

O_O My neighbours to the left told me to get revenge next time she bangs on our door and runs (she is only picking on me because I’m alone).

*Everyone on are lane knows she is insane*


Trying my best to get to bed at 10pm which is why i have not been able to write a post for this blog (I usually do them very late at night).

I don’t like rushing my anime yet, i won’t have many chances to have the TV to myself???

Guess I could watch animax on Tuesday /Thursday and watch cruchyroll at night?

I will need to think about that???


DB: “I brought you two manga reviews, monster musume and Btooom! Vol 6. ”

XD He has brought me the drive in his hands trice now ready to give it to me….and then he forgets.

I can still obtain it before the posting day (only post them on Sundays), but it’s getting very silly now.  


Y_Y tomorrow will be an anime impression (I will make sure of that).

*TT_TT  it will have to be a no skyrim day.*

Noragami first impression

CaptureWhy is this rated 15 animax? “INCLUDES SCENES WITH MODERATE SEX REFERENCES AND LANGUAGE!” dose anyone know what this warning is alluding to. 

I finally watched noragami….it was ok.

There was nothing ground braking about it (part for the girls having human sized boobs).

It just came off as a normal Shounen to me.

* Shounen : aimed at boys aged 10-18*

The first episode didn’t grab my imagination, nor did it mange to keep my attention half of the time.

Strait forward characters + Strait forward plot = episodic


Be aware that I read a lot of manga and these types of stories tend to have the blandest characters in the universe (looks at the pretty art boys and girls). If a manga doesn’t have an OT rating it usely means that the characters have the chemistry of a cheap cheese sandwich.

*There are very though rare exceptions to this rule*

It seems to be aiming for older Shounen (14-18), so it might just mange to grab my attention with latter episodes.

The show is about a god that doesn’t have a shrine.

T-o……oh, there is also a girl who can’t keep her soul in her body.

I’m guessing they are going to team up and hilarity ensues.


*I will have to get DB to watch it.* 

headache U-u

DB brought the Xbox 360 today so that we could watch cruchyroll on the big telly. 

After 3 HOURS! Of updates we managed to get the app uploaded. 

Played skyrim for 3-4 hours today.

Why won’t my neighbour stop stamping around her house (she is purposely trying to anger me).  She sat outside (before 9am) Sunday Morning waiting for me to let the dog out just so she could yell at me (I have seen her staring at me though the crack in her door).

*Her daughter bangs on are backdoor and her son just randomly shouts abuse (grown adults).*

Guess you can call this a rant on life. ^-^

I go back to work Tuesday (I should be back into my anime grove).

Rail wars! first impression

CaptureLook at all those sexy trains.

When I was reading other peoples reviews of this anime I got the impression that there would be loads of fan-service mixed with train…..I was half right.

* Fan-service is too big of a word*

The way they objectify the ladies in this show comes off more comical then sexy.

Example: all of the ladies have their skirts riding up the butt cracks (I can understand big bottoms but, big butt cracks?).

This show is about trains, trains are cool and you must love these trains with the same passion as are main characters. There is something really enjoyable about seeing are characters getting overly excited about the different types of trains they come across.

Final thoughts: The characters are all stereotypes with very little personality outside of their designs.  *I don’t know how they’re going the balance the objectified ladies with the awesomeness of trains (who comes up with this madness?).*

T-o I don’t like the word woman (never sounds right in my head) and word girl is too undermining.

U-U hectic day

Today was so hard.

I lost control of my emotions.

I felt terrible.

U-U I’m grateful for my friends support

He didn’t force me to feel happy

He gave me strength when he didn’t have to


O_0 why was he not scared?

Why did he not hate me?

Does he really care?


T_o Has he just….accepted me?

So many questions?????


I look up at him

Dehydrated and limp

“Please forgive me”

He answers

“For what”


^_^ There are not many people in this world that don’t see me as a freak. 

Nagi no Asukara 75% impression


How does one get lost in an undersea forest? If you’re lost in the wood and you have the ability to fly GO UP! (Don’t walk around mindlessly).

20 episodes in and I still can’t stand Hikari.

However, there is another character in the second half that could beat him for the most annoying brat award *drum roll* ^_^ SAYU!

When she was 8-9 years old you could kind of understand her bratty way of looking at the world…yet, at the age of 13-14 she should have matured a lot more.

“I have always had romantic feelings for him”  You were 8-9 years old!

Why make Miuna grow up and keep Sayu the same?


This anime has amazingly smooth music that complements the world that has been created. But if I was to make one compliant. *“BOOOO!”* hear me out.  

Every line that comes out of our characters mouths has to be overly dramatic (context doesn’t matter).  If this was in English you would be laughing at just how corny/forced a lot of the dramatic moments are. 

*no one talks like that!*

I love the world they live in but, I’m not keen on the characters that inhabit it.

I think they try and overload you with drama in order to distract you from the extremely slow plot (same problem the first half had).