captain earth first impression

CaptureIt has been a long time since I have seen an anime that takes itself seriously without going into the mine field of pretension.


This anime is about a boy who losses his farther under strange circumstances and is now the captain of an earth protection robot.

*How does one control the fingers of a fighting robots hands?*

He has flash backs of seeing special children locked up behind the fence of a declassified facility (I presume); he also remembers the amazing things they showed him along with the cheerful boy he used to be.  Will he save the earth or will these alien (I presume) achieve in whatever gaol they might have planned.

If you can’t tell there is a lot presuming in this first episode. I have no problem with the show trying to keep its self-vague but…..could they give us a little more information outside of sparkles and wonderment (I don’t know what’s going on).

The show dose plays itself-strait with no squeaky background character, goofy sidekicks or imagery that completely distracts you from the story at hand.

I’m interested to see what happens (could be downhill from here).


*Going out somewhere and thought it was only courteous of me not to leave you guys post-less (pre wrote this yesterday).  I don’t trust that little timer yet (need to if anything is going to get posted 8th – 12th).  *


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