Magical Warfare Episode 10 impression

CaptureT-o can’t get any worse than lest episode.

How does playing card summoning work? O-o must be a lot of trial and error learning to use them (one might be over powered another might be completely pointless).

Why does she never get kick back on that gun?

The bad guy has 2 magical weapons???

It must be annoying to have a move that blows your skirt up.

10 episodes in and we are being introduced to a new character.

^_^ How convenient (Old girlfriend).

“Would you mind?” Response: “yes” Do they want to help or not? They clearly do mind.

Oh no, she found an apostrophe!


Past the opening


There is no reason why her shirk doesn’t reach the same length as other nurse uniforms (fits her perfectly on top). Also, how much time has passed since he passed out!

“Three days” thank you! Wait a second, he passed out from exhaustion not a coma.

O-O Was he spying on him? How ells would he have known his friend had just woke up.

That little girl isn’t really struggling that much.

Is this magical hospital in the real world or is this just another dimension?

Is Mui sexually attracted to her brother?

I think this couple is about to set out to sea (honestly what are they wearing?).

You don’t know where they are but you know they have more than one hind out….how? If you don’t know where one is how can you say there is more than one?  If you now where some are explore them ones.

You have to love the lack of security in hospitals.


If having men here violates your rules why did Kazumi get brought here? O-o if he got better at the school how did he manage to find them at that hospital? How did he get to that hospital? Why was it that important for him to be there? Was he just added to the story so that he could explain what happened to his sister?

How can you not find a castle? It stands out like a sore thumb in there world!

I love this bad guy! He is just deliciously evil. *I wish this anime revolved around Keppei.*

O_O Run for your life business men are emerging from the glass walls of a business building.

I thought you were dead?

I thought magicians can’t use magic in the human world?

He got back fast!

So his mother knows he is a magician?


I can really feel the hate Takeshi’s mother has towards him as she just agreed to help train him. Why isn’t Takeshi shocked by the fact his mother is alive?

Why did his mother lose her powers?

What is kurumi doing there? I thought she was kidnapped by Takeshi’s brother?

Ohhhh now you’re going to bring life force into this show (that really annoys me).

Why him? There is no chosen one story so why are they specifically training him?

Did that teleporting devise change shape? *goes back and looks* It did! At first it looked like an apostrophe and now it looks like a b-p-d.

Why do they need a teleporting devise when they can summon portals?


“It will teleport you to predetermined destination”……opposed to other forms of teleporting that just dump you in a random field???  *I could summon a gate sir, but we do run the risk of being attacked by cows.*

Why are you presuming it leads to their hideout? maybe the person had the trots and need a quick way of getting to the toilet (you never know).

“It’s not your fault I’m magic” Did you forget the fact she tried to shoot you head in with a gun?

Where the heck is Kurumi? Is she missing or is she with Takeshi?


p.s I just realized that there are 2 characters called Kurumi (that or someone has made a pigs ear of the mal page for this show).

3 responses

  1. Mui is more attracted to Takashi than her brother xDD. I mean last episode, Mui’s brother ex-gf did say that she thought Takashi was Mui’ bf. Love the line “I could summon a gate sir, but we do run the risk of being attacked by cows” xDD.

    1. How do you explain her sleep taking in episode 5?

      “pet me bother, take my bra off brother, rest you head in my breast brother!” O_O that’s more then just sibling love.

      ^_^ It dose explain why they were teleporting cars in earlier episodes.
      *thanks for the comma.*

      1. Ah yeah, forgot about that line xDD. It was somewhat out of place, when I first watched it. Your welcome. Keep up the reviews ^_^.

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