The World is Still Beautiful ending (reaction)

Capturedon’t eat me!

This show was romantic (I have to give it that much)…..however and that’s a big however, this anime abuses its romantic music too ridicules levels. Dose this music really have to be playing over every conversation, conflict or any scene that requires our too main characters to have chemistry.

*They could be on the john and this music would be playing.*

It’s a tender rain

 are you now sick of this song

It plays all the time

Just to move the plot along

Tender rain is a good song, but dose it really have to be played every episode! This anime is extremely formulaic with very little plot/conflict to distinguish each episode (they honestly all bled into one big pile of mush by the end).

U-U I know people hate this word but…… this anime comes off very pretentious.


p.s I loved this anime (that doesn’t mean I will excuse the things that annoyed me).


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