Bladedance of Elementalers first impression

CaptureElemental waffle? Anime: “An elemental waffe?”  what’s a waffe? 

I’m confused??? Does she have small boobs or big boobs? One moment he’s joking about how small her boobs are and the next he is able to get his entire hand around them.

“Greyworth asked me to come. *presents letter*” The seal has not even been broken on that letter (does he have x-ray vision).

What was the point of that door seal? (If a trainee priest could break it anyone could).

“Why can a man form a contract with a spirt?” why not? Or are you saying you hate the fact men can make contracts with spirits?  If that’s the case I’m pulling out the sexism card on her (a man can make a deal with a spirit/demon if he wants to).


“Only the shrine princesses can contract with spirts!”  WHY? It sounds more like a local law then a mystical power that only allows them to make contracts.

*It’s a bit ethically wrong to be using resting spirits as weapons.*

I like how chilled this guy is. I have just been kidnapped by a crazy woman who says she owns my spirit……nice weather today. She abuses spirits for her own gain and she is not considered a demon, NO! only men are demons.


“You traitor” you took him ageist his will and said you own his spirit.

It’s interesting that they call them shrine princesses because they have no grace, no manners and definitely no self-restraint. You can’t call them shrine priestesses if their behavior is on par with an insane demon (a demon would have more grace then these girls).

How are you going to get married if all you know about men is that they are demon perverts?

“Quiet down everyone.” no one was talking.

Doesn’t this school have rules about owning other students spirits.


This anime would be a lot more interesting if it was about a demon taking advantage of the affection some trainee priestesses had towards it (I could write an entire story based around that). The funny thing is that if you went with my plot it would be a fan-service show aimed at the female demographic.

*lots of sexy demons in raunchy female manga.*

The animation was inconstant, the setup was unreasonably forced and the characters voices are of ear wrenching that you just want to tie them to a tree and leave them there.

Hopefully episode 2 will be just as bad (need something to replace magical warfare).


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