^_^ Happy 1st anniversary (lets do a madoka post)

I have (for the most part) managed to post something on this blog everyday for a full year.

*woop woop!*

^_^which anime will be  posted  today? *blade and soul* T_T not celebrating my one year anniversary with that.

I shall pay homage to my first post on this blog.

^_^ moments in madoka that you don’t think about.

number 1: Everyone in madoka’s class uses laptops apart from one girl in the background using a  book. 

number 2: There school is made of glass and the class rooms are also made of glass. *O_O think about the inhuman amount of heat generated in these rooms.*

number 3: why is there only one bench on the roof? 

number 4: where do they get change for pe in a school with transparent rooms?

number 5:  apocalypse bridge! (it’s a bizarre change they did in the dvd version).

number 6: On the DVD version Sayaka is clearly grabbing onto the fence on the roof however,  on the TV version there is no fence only a railings (where did that fence come from?).

number 7: we never get an explanation about Homura’s house.

number 8: If kyubey can grant somebody the power to surpass entropy why is the universe in danger of running-out of power? 

number 9: Homura’s soul gem is designed to get stronger and stronger each time she uses it, which begs this question: why did it go black that one time?  

number 10: The scene where madoka talks to her mum on the stairs is very touching, yet very stupid at the same time. you came to this building to be protected from the storm…..Why are you standing beside a giant glass wall!  

I love the first 9 episodes of Madoka however, I laughed at the last 3 episodes.

U_U This anime broke me, the fan’s of this anime hurt me (your just a hater) and most of all they disgusted me. real comment reply: “animation doesn’t matter.”

do you want to know why I got this on DVD? because i wanted to see these breath taking visuals on a big screen, I wanted to have the sound of monsters sound me, I wanted the full experience and what did I get in reply “animation doesn’t matter.”.

*that and i was worried that watching it online mite course me an epileptic seizure.*


if anyone is wondering what i said to the guy in order to get that reaction:

“There are many moments in this anime where you are just looking at a still image”


“It’s hard to make the distinction between the normal world and magical world because shaft is trying too hard to be artsy fartsy (mostly a DVD problem)”


“There are many moments that don’t make sense if we  are suppose to be in the human world (the glass wall and multiple cars driving up the road in a strait line).”

I deleted all my social networking accounts and left the internet alone for 5-6 months.

I gain back my confidence and decided that in order to get my confidence back and keep myself occupied (had just finished college) i would start an anime blog.

^_^ Instinctively i knew that in order to gain back my confidence i had to post something about madoka in order to give myself piece of mind.

I don’t hate madoka, but it’s far from perfect. 


p.s. These are meant to be amusing observations.


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  1. Nice one, you’re first year. Haha, i still have like 3 months to go… and 1 day.

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