Soranowoto first impression

CaptureI finally get to re-watch this (got taken off Netflix’s before I could finish it).

This anime has that “girls und panzer” feel to it……scratch that, it’s trying to be like “girls und panzer”. *looks up date* O_O I stand corrected, this anime was released 2010 and “girls und panzer” was released 2012-2013 (I wonder if it was influenced by this anime?).

This anime is about a girl who wants to play the trumpet in the army…… wish I could make it sound more interesting.  For such a simple plot it really knows how to take advantage of sound/settings in order to make us hear the power of music in such an old timely place.

The reason I had a hard time remembering this anime is because it’s very slow and quite for a moe show.  The first episode has good pacing with very little stupidity on the main charters part (she is daft but not brain dead).

*I have seen moe shows that make their characters have the social understanding/basic knowledge of a toddler.*

I just hope they don’t ruin the shows setting by adding characters that disturb the melody of the land. 


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