Back from my holiday

My grandparents allowed me and DB to use their static caravan for 5 days.

Me: “it’s a really nice caravan.”

DB: “seen them before.”

*get there*

DB: O_O “This is a really nice caravan! It’s bigger than my home.”

Glass cabinets filled with posh wine glasses, loads of storage space, sky digital box, moderately big kitchen, comfy bed and a big living space. 😛 *would go more often if I had a car (I would also have to use up my work holidays)*     

DB went off to park the car as I was putting the luggage in the caravan.  I looked around to see one of the owners of the premises marching up the road to him and I started too slightly panic (my family always get into fights with this woman).  They talk and DB walks down to me.

Me: “did she yell at you.”

DB: no, she didn’t recognize the car and wanted to know who I was.  I said your last name and got a funny response “oh, you’re with the vicars granddaughter.” O_O It makes my sound like an evil corrupter.  

* I didn’t know that my grandfather’s nickname was the vicar.*

We went to little towns, Rspb sites and even the beach. ^_^ when we got back we would talk, play bored games and read a book (not once turning the TV on).

*Lie! We put the TV on once to watch 1 hour of Dave and then switched it off.*

T_T I really did miss dango-bunny when I got back home.

While on holiday I found a TY beanie provider. XD he showed me his special ty book as if he an FBI agent (a very proud provider).  *“I am a licensed beanie provider” cracks me up every time.*

^-^ I bought two large mlp ty plush (pinkie pie and rainbow dash).

mlponly one more size up from here.

^-^ I feel really refreshed and ready to get back into watching my anime.


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